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    I'm just a regular person. I go to a job 5 days a week doing import/export work. I went through 4 yrs of college and ended up with a degree in Psychology. What I do now is only vaguely related. I live in a house and have a fantastic wife. I consider myself very fortunate.

    I got started wearing diapers out of curiosity I developed from another site which I have been a long time member of for another purpose. I started reading some members experiences and practices there and got interested. Their content of diaper related information and conversation is limited. So I am trying here for a better learning experience.

    My regular person interests outside of work are swimming, running and human behavior.

    I have been back and forth with this, but keep coming back. Not sure I understand, but there must be some good reason for it.

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    Welcome to our world.

    PS The good reason you are looking for is that you desire it or it makes you feel good.

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    I have many mixed feelings right now. I didn't mention this above, but I have some physical concerns as well. Mostly PAB

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