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Thread: wearing a diaper in chestwaders or other workwear

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    Default wearing a diaper in chestwaders or other workwear

    I used to wear chestwaders at work sometimes, and wore a diaper inside, with plastic pants - it saved an awful lot of uncoupling of shoulder straps. There is a closed thread that relates to this post, and I wondered if anyone else wore diapers under work clothing - such as a commercial diver, fireman, or any other such like.

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    Not to work but when me and my boyfriend go waterfowl hunting in waders we both wear so we don't have to get out of the blind or pit blind. Let's us stay in the warm heated blinds and not scare away our dinner

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    Nothing quite so involved as waders or fireman coats, but sometimes I'll wear under scrubs and coat; you can wear some preeetty damn thick diapers and no one can notice.

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    Thanks for your interesting responses.
    I got somewhat interested in chest waders through my work, and I find them perfect for walking in bad weather, allowing me to use my cloth diaper fully without a bulge.

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    There's a fair number of members who spend extended periods diapered, myself included. I haven't ever decided that I should wear diapers to work as a thing in itself but I've worn to work many times when I was engaged in a period of 24/7 wear.

    Hip waders would be far more curious than diapers themselves in my line of work. I just wear my regular clothes and a discreet disposable and I'm good to go.

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    Im always diapered when working around the house, today it's chilly out so I'm wearing a little paws, sweats and walls insulated bibs

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    Some years ago, I tried rubber chest waders to wear during a rainy, all-day motorcycle ride. Padded inside the waders with an Abena and two boosters. Bulk not an issue with waders -- I just considered them the ultimate pair of rubber pants. I got wet
    inside and out...but protected from the rain and splash while NO diaper leaked out. Odd two way protection, effective both ways. Covered leather biker jacket with a pvc poncho with hood and waterproof gloves. Lots of gear, but it enabled me to ride the
    distance I needed that day with NO stop to change.

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    Interested in the latest posts - and particularly re: rubber chestwaders as "the ultimate pair of rubber pants". Thats an excellent way of thinking of them.

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    Totally wore under heavy raingear building a movieset in the snow. First time out in public too

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    Whenever I'm out working in the yard I put on my Carhartt overalls and a thick diaper. The heavy material and the bib do a good job hiding the bulge and keeping the diaper secure, and it means I can suck down a big water or soda without worrying about tracking dirt through the house on the way to the bathroom. Other than the utility of it there's just something about the combination I really like.

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