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Thread: YouTube video you need to see. Gave me chills!

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    Default YouTube video you need to see. Gave me chills!

    I don't know how to get the video to attach but, I will give you the exact search title. Golden Boy Colum Scott hits the right note [ audition week one] Britain's Got Talent 2015.

    His sister just auditioned and received 4 no votes from the judges. She is standing off stage with the two hosts watching him audition. Backstory to this is that he was distraught by his sister not making it. He nearly did not go out on stage. But, he held on and went for it anyway. Their mom is shown in the audience several times while he auditions. Watch it till the end. 5 minutes or so and Simon Cowell does what I did not see coming...

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    Well one thing you have to hand to Simon is he knows talent pretty well when it comes right down to it. I personally like the guy because he is just plain honest.
    Calum Scott ... is a fantastic singer. Thanks for sharing.

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    you said that you did not know how to put youtube videos on here so I thought I would help out all you have to do is right click over the video that you want to post and pick copy link then you an post it He has a great voice and I think that alone has allowed him to pull off a amazing performance and the amount of feeling that's behind it has really pulled it off

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