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    Hiya. im Chey. sounds like shy hahaha. my real name is Cheyann Lola Davis but i only get called that when i get in trouble. im 4 and love making friends and eating French fries and watching frozen. ill be up all night because my daddi left and now theres no one to tell me to go nite nite.
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I see you like traveling - any particular location or reason for your travels?

    I'm not big on traveling. Oh, I would like to see the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Yellowstone and other places, I just don't like the 'travel' part.

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    welcome I should probably be going to bed as well is 5:00 o'clock but I just don't feel tired
    one of the many benefits of having a childish personality is sometimes you can have the energy of child as well

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