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Thread: Favourite foods in little side.

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    Default Favourite foods in little side.

    I think this is not important question and also has been ever asked, but I just want to know what things that you often eat when you in your little side? That's must be one of things can support your little feelings. I like to eat some lollipop, ice cream or cereal when i in my little side, what about yours?


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    I love to eat like I did when I was little, my grandma's recipes, chicken nuggets, kid friendly cereal, milk, french fries, a special kind of local pizza. However I spend a lot of time in kid mode so as long as it's on one of my kid friendly dishes I am one happy camper. I've also experimented with making my own baby food from time to time, it's fun sometimes but I identify more with a 3 to 4 year old and they are generally out of baby food stage.

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    Well I am vegan now so wont eat exactly what i used to, but my favourites are potato smiles, potato waffles, ketchup, peas, carrots, mash, fish fingers (now have tofu ones), pizza fingers, homemade chocolate muffins, vegan milk and biscuits for dipping (or crackers in the us), sugared boiled and peeled peach, jelly and ice cream, party rings, cod(or tofu now) in butter sauce, and basically anything on someone elses plate. I always thought it looked better and wanted to swap lol

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    For me it's cut up hot dogs and Mac & Cheese!!

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    Goldfish crackers! Hot dogs (but not cut up. I like them on a bun), green grapes (remind me of being a kid at my grandparents' house!), pizza rolls and bagel bites!

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    Potato smiles, French fries, fish fingers, mini pizzas, carrot sticks, sliced Apple, bread sticks, cheese pot noodles, bananas,milk, party rings, cone ice cream, poridge, wheatabix, pink custard, pancakes, toast cut into triangles and quarters and chicken soup.

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    I like hot dogs (alone, in a bun or chopped up with beans). I also like mac & cheese, spaghetti and pizza!

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    I have been working lately on a somewhat cookbook. I am taking all of the Gerber Little Meals and pick ups ideas and trying to work out comparable recipes that might be pleasing to the adult palate and a little larger for an semi-adult tummy. I use their ingredients list and figure out as close as I can to get something as close as I can get to the original. I don't know if anyone would have any interest when it's done but here is and example.

    GERBER LIL’ MEALS Spaghetti Rings in Meat Sauce

    Makes 2 – 1 Serving Containers

    C tomato sauce
    1 Tb parmesan cheese
    3 Oz extra lean ground beef
    C micro diced carrots
    C micro diced onion
    C micro diced celery
    Ts garlic powder
    C alphabet or ring pasta noodles

    Break up the ground beef and boil with the vegetables and pasta.
    Combine tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese and garlic powder.
    Cool and mix in with remainder of the ingredients. Cool completely and refrigerate until used for up to 5 days.

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    That's impressive littleandrea! I never thought about that!

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