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Thread: I never Thought About it before

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    Default I never Thought About it before

    If someone Were to ask me back then Hey do you want wear diapers i would tell no. I have never given thought i thinked only people that wear is baby and IC anyone elss that wears other wise are crazy and need there heads checked.
    I went from i never wanting to wear them to really want to try it maybe i need my head checked.

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    Nah, you don't need to get your head checked, you just fear getting out. When I was young my dad often joked/threatened to put me back in diapers and I got defensive to the point where when normal people would just pass it by as a joke I tried explaining why not and got angry.
    It's same thing if you were gay. Do you think you would kiss other man "just for joke" if he didn't know you were gay? Most wouldn't.

    Your subconscious mind is very strong tool that makes you answer the "right answer" even when it's not the right one.
    So in the end, you have been resisting re-diapering because you've always known you like diapers and feared it gets known if you were diapered.

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    Maybe I also thought about becoming ab as next step if I liked being diaperd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    Maybe I also thought about becoming ab as next step if I liked being diaperd
    You mentioned you didn't find diapers to be only for babies? Where did you find that connection in that case?

    I personally think that while diapers alone don't progress you into AB being in diapers in some individuals can help find the AB in them. I don't say that you become AB if you wear diapers but it can happen if you have something for it.

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    These were the only people at that time I thought that only wear

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    if someone had told me 10 years ago I would be wearing nappies 24/7 I would have laughed in their face. It is funny what life deals you. Now I wear all the time and am unashamedly DL as well as being incontinent. Now I couldn't imagine not being in a nappy.

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    Do you thing that ill would ever wanting to be diaperd

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    Don't be afraid to try new things, life is short, that's what my mom who has passed last week would of said, she was 47 years old when she passed! It's not life threatening and also don't try to be something you are not!

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    I don't know if ill get to try on my 1st diaper it might be while,

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    I think now is diapers are just underwear i don't why some people will make deal about wanting to wear them.

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