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    When did you first realize you were an AB?

    For me, it's been an interest since I was out of diapers. Always been there. Growing up, I always had bouts of nostalgia and wishing I was younger again, and always tried to get diapers when the opportunity presented itself. As for when I found out what ABDL was? When I was in my teens...
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    Snitching: to act as an informer I think snitching is a good thing in a good society, and a bad thing in a bad society. Society often does not like a snitch and that is duplicitous as anything- it certain balks at kids ratting out other kids for small breaches of rules. My thought is, that if...
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    Popular things you didn't enjoy?

    Inception - It billed itself as a movie for those that like to think but it was the most mindless, bullet-flying piece of crap I watched that year. Everyone ate it up, I wanted my $10 back when I came out the theater.
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    The best animated dog?

    I vote for Pero Pero from Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo ;)
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    Did you get pranked or prank someone for April fools?

    I enjoy my standard response to any such prank with: "but, April 1st is tomorrow dude," . The way I see it, if they go check the calendar, I won.
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    Hello, nice to meet you all.

    Anime top 5 (I have a bit retro tastes): Tenchi Sailormoon Kimagure Orange Road Ranma Utena ------ Whetoric the name is just sort of a play on an AB word "wet" and Rhetoric, which refers to my enjoyment of arguing. Though, actually I prefer to appeal to logos than use rhetoric, it still amused...
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    Baby Cartoons (Not just cartoons for babies, but cartoons focusing on babies)

    I remember there was an age regression episode of Magical Girl Pretty Sammy TV series (Magical Project S US commercial release), Thundercats had one too - where Liono was regressed to a baby with diaper. There's others with diaper content, but those are the only ones that, off the top of my...
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    Hello, nice to meet you all.

    Hi all, I'm a guy into the diaper thing since I was old enough to be out of them. Never been entirely sure why I liked diapers but certainly the peaceful feelings are a part of it. I've gone through phases of being a part of the online community and then dropping off again over the two decades...