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    Curious about the furworld :3

    im still fairly new to the babyfur community only 4 months in
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    Pupcakes and other Artz

    Nice pics
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    How many footed sleepers do you have, and what colors/designs?

    my cub has a zebra footed sleeper and he loves it
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    I "diapered" my Plushies today!

    my cub is planing to :)
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    How often do you sleep in a diaper?

    i would sleep in them all the time but i cant in my current living conditions
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    Anyone seen The Lego Movie yet? Anything you guys plan on seeing?

    I seen it i loved it so much :)
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    How do you cope?

    i mainly just listen to music and talk to my close friends
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    Anime You're Currently Watching?

    Im rewatching wolf's rain
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    Songs that mean the most to you?

    Krewella - Human Krewella - Enjoy the Ride Krewella - Live for the Night & Krewella - Alive I love their songs and they have so much meaning
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    Favorite Bands & songs

    Band: Krewella Song: Come & Get It
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    What song can you not stop listening to?

    any song by Krewella but my favorite one is come and get it
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    TV Shows You're Currently Watching?

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    Furry Diapers!?

    i like the second one better but they are all good
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    partner being negative about furries

    There are a lot of clean furs out there.
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    Your Voice

    that is a good question. i never did give that much thought