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    "I didn't know there were others..."

    I cant say anything better than has already been said, welcome aboard. You are definitely not the only one out there.
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    Told Someone About Myself

    You threw the ball in her court. Either she wants to talk about it and be interested or she doesn't. The fact that she is still talking to you is OK. She is sending a bad vibe when she is giving one word responses in relation to this topic though. I think that if you continue to bring this up...
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    what if i was an adult baby how would i quit

    Outstanding EAGLES musical analogy, "You can check in but you can never leave"!
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    Paper or plastic?

    99% of the time I wear Birdseye pre-fold cloth diapers, and if I have to plastic backed disposables or nothing.
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    Kitchen safe - time locking device

    Good for you, I love the whole premise of it. Have fun with it!
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    giving up ABDL/BDSM

    When I abstained for the 30 years, I was just a plain boring, middle aged, straight white guy! I would say, I am much more interesting now with this very unique character trait!
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    Help creating avatar

    The only way to find out if this individual could do it is to ask him... with his talent I am sure he could do anything... its just a matter of finding out.
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    Help creating avatar

    Try here, he did mine and is very reasonable: Of course there are others, but this is the one that I used. A pretty quick turnaround, a reasonable price and a really great artist.
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    Help creating avatar

    Allot of avatars are done by artists that get a commission for doing them, so I doubt they will help you. So most people find an image and just download it. I used to use a picture of my stuffed moose. Or you can just give it a go and see how you do. Eventually I paid for image at left, it was...
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    A Depressive Episode

    Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time of it Chatzoe. Most everybody goes through down times in their lives, and yes sometimes it lasts for what seems like forever. You are still very young and you have allot of things to look forward to, you just cant see that at the moment. Everybody...
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    Kitchen safe - time locking device

    I would dump ALL OF THE MnM's out and eat them in one sitting! Problem solved!
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    Does anyone have a hobby outside of abdl?

    Adult coloring books?
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    Does anyone have a hobby outside of abdl?

    What scale trains do you have and would you like to show us some pictures of your trains?!