diaper dependent bowel incontinent (severe urgency)

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  3. Incontinent
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Favourite diaper
dry 24/7 or abena x-plus with pull-up cloth diaper & plastic pants
Personal Space
Former thumbsucking diapered bedwetter. I developed severe bowel urgency after a bowel resection surgery over 25 years ago. I had begun to enjoy being in night diapers while still a bedwetter. It carried on after my bedwetting stopped but I can honestly say it was never a compulsive habit. Just something I did from time to time. It sure made it easier to transition back to diapers when I had the post-surgery complication of severe urgency. I was told that this problem only presents in a small number of cases and it would go away eventually. Right! In the beginning it was very difficult not to mention embarrassing. It wasn't long before diapers were in play. I had loose BM's most of the time which made it so much worse. I was told to take a bulk forming fiber supplement to firm things up. Metamucil worked wonders and made clean up much easier. My BM's are well formed, and while they are extremely large, they are easy to pass. I make sure that when I have the chance, I air my skin out. I do this regularly. I also use Desitin (zinc oxide) for rash prevention and Nullo for odor control. I usually wear a dry 24/7 disposable as a "diaper liner" under a cloth pull up diaper under plastic pants. This helps keep stool off my cloth diaper and makes clean up easier. While I do enjoy diaper dependency when in an ab/dl mood, most of the time it is a major inconvenience. It took years to come to terms with it and it wasn't easy. But these days, while still an inconvenience, I'm used to it and rarely feel the embarrassment I did when younger. I suppose you could say I own it.