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    Is my fetish making me incontinent?

    It is definitely relevant and helpful. Thank you! :)
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    Worst movie youve ever seen

    The Wicker Man. Nicholas Cage is a terrible actor. :thumbdown: Not the Bees - YouTube
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    New Here

    Hi there! Welcome to ADISC! I'm a newbie here, myself. How do you do, I'm Chippi. :) I totally agree with all of you about taking medications! Boo on that! People got along for thousands of years without taking 20 pills a day. Sure, some might be necessary for basic living, but most people take...
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    Hi there!

    A friend of mine posted part 1 of my story in the Unfinished Stories section. Its Diaper - Part 1 The Drugstore. I'm halfway done with part 2. Its much longer than part 1.
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    Is my fetish making me incontinent?

    Okay, thanks for the input! Work is pretty much the only place i wont wear diapers. I work in a hospital, and I wear scrubs. They are very close fitting, thin material; and my pants are constantly sliding down. NOT a good situation for diapers. So, I'm just trying to figure this all out :/
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    Is my fetish making me incontinent?

    Okay, so I have had three accidents in the past two weeks. Twice, while I was at work, I got the sudden urge to pee, and the toilet was alll the way at the end of the hallway. I ran down the hall and had to do a sort of cross-legged walk to the bathroom. 20 feet away from the toilet, I'm frozen...
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    Which is thickest?

    Yeesss. This. Exactly. I worked at a Rite Aid years ago. It was an excellent choice. Buy the more expensive ones once you've try the basics. :)
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    Found a store with low prices, and free shipping.

    Thank you. That's a great price for Molicares!
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    wet diaper smell?

    I really enjoy the smell of a wet diaper, but I can never really smell it unless I'm in a cheap diaper. And that doesn't happen too much anymore. ;)
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    Hi there!

    Hi, so I'm Chippi. I have been an ABDL for about 10 years now. For the first 3 years, I was very deep into my fetish for wearing and wetting diapers. My (then) boyfriend was the one who introduced me to diapers. After we broke up, I wanted to purge everything ABDL related, so I did. I was...