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    A New Life For Me - Going 24/7

    the question is whether you are toileting for bowel movements. I don't although enemas wash a lot of feces away. My dad buys me 24/7 because he knows it contains mess and order.
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    Diapers at night

    before I needed to use adult briefs full time, I would also hate getting up so many times at night to pee. Now, I just pee and mess in teh brief.
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    Diaper is never tight enough :(

    women outnumber men in being IC so adult brief designs may very well fit women better. I have found that the whole abena line is ill fitting to a slim fit man. On the other hand small confidry 24/7 is the best brief ever made because it cups and fits a small guy so well. The all plastic briefs...
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    replacing or reusing a partially wet diaper

    glad to learn this. Now I can throw away the entire bag of partly worn diapers!
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    First vacation with Incontinence

    For those of use who have bowel accidents and clean up in a bathroom by oneself - make sure you use paper towels to remove most of the mess. Put them in the used diaper - don't flush them. Using wet wipes even large ones would take forever to clean my up. Obviously bring gloves both for bms...
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    Can Bowel Incontinence eventually lead to Urinary Incontinence?

    I have the bowel and bladder together and it's a lot of misery and work - mostly for the bowel.
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    First vacation with Incontinence

    I actually don't travel much due to my diaper wearing full time, but basically you have to have a suitcase of diapers if it's a week's trip and you use five per day. I recently have worn ID slip maxi and they are great and trim. Don't wear a messy diaper through the line at airport.
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    Getting over public changing embarrassment

    I work in an office with a large public men's room. I change myself several times during the day and use seni quatro briefs which are silent to apply and remove. I wear gary plastic pants over them - also silent. Buy the darkest color.
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    For complete bowel and bladder protection which i need, you need first a top diaper but then also, gary active briefs or other plastic pants to seal odor, wet, and mess. Second you need a singlet - prefereably thin and synthetic to hold it all up and move with you as you move.
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    Male Anatomy, Leaks and Incontinence

    The reason you are leaking in your adult briefs is because you are having an erection while you sleep. I have limited erections so the position my penis points is not relevant and I don't usually leak. The other option is to wear net pants under your adult brief such that the net pants keep...
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    Just how rare are we? Maybe less than I thought.

    I wonder how many men are both bowel and bladder incont. but self manage like i do.
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    Privacy Concern

    I just bag my used diapers - messy and wet and put them in the trash area like any other trash. Why are you all sneaking around? I use 5-7 briefs per day so I guess it's too many to hide.
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    I'm back! :)

    How many of you keep your bag of adult diapers next to your bed, in the bathroom, in car, or elsewhere?
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    Tips for stopping Leaks???

    Guys here often talk of diaper leaks out the side of the diaper and at night while side sleeping. One guy asked why babies' penises can move around in any direction and yet they don't leak. The answer is two fold. First if you form a pouch around your genitals with the diaper then leaks are...