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    I've been pretty discreet in buying and wearing diapers for a number of years, though, part of me has always remained nervous being young, in college, and from a small community. Tonight while buying more diapers at Walgreens, I was officially "called out" for wearing a diaper in public.
    The weather was warm today in NC, so I opted for shorts over jeans. I've been sick recently, so I spent my weekend diapered and used quite a few more then expected. While on my last Depend (yes, I hate them too, I just cant buy REAL diapers at college) I decided it was time to restock on Depends and Goodnites, the two easiest diapers for me to buy and wear.
    I was wet (and showing) when I walked into the store, and while holding my Depends in one arm and reaching down to pick up Goodnites in the other, I heard a girl (who was about 5 years old) behind me say to her mom "look, that boy wears diapers" and was pointing to my diaper poking from the top of my shorts.
    The girls mom quickly apologized and I heard her explain "sometimes, people need to wear diapers no matter their age." I was really shocked and embarrassed, though, I applaud the mother for teaching her daughter a great lesson.
    It felt weird buying the diapers after that though. I've had this on my mind for a few hours. I've changed in public and boughten diapers many times. I've thrown my old diapers away at rest stops where I am sure people have seen me, though, never said anything. Has this ever happened to anyone else before with buying?

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    haven't been "called" out like that, but have changed in public spots as well. so far so good. good that the mom was nice enough and didnt join in and make fun,

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    Eeek! That sounds pretty embarrassing. I'd take it as a warning to make extra sure your diaper isn't obvious if you're wearing in public.

    A similar thing happened to me (although I wasn't actually wearing). It was actually the first time I'd ever bought adult diapers. I went in to the shop just before they closed and waited until the queues at the checkouts died down.

    There were four tills open, and two had no one at them. I grabbed a huge multi-pack of Tena Maxi Slips, and made a dash for the tills. As I got closer to the end of the aisle, I saw a veritable tide of people walking towards the checkouts! And I broke into a sweat...

    I made a beeline for the furthest-away till, and as I was nearly there, the checkout girl stood up and started walking away. Eeek! I turned around just in time to see a crowd of people arrive at the last three checkouts and... and... Another checkout operator stood up to leave!

    Red in the face and feeling faint, I joined the shortest queue... of about twenty people. More people joined the queue behind me (where had everyone been hiding?!). My heart was racing; it felt like everyone behind must be staring at the huge package I was holding.

    I took a deep breath and convinced myself that, probably, no one had noticed. I thought I'd take a cursory glance behind to reassure myself. I slowly turned my head and met the burning gaze of the woman behind, young girl in tow, staring directly at me. I gulped, and went even redder.

    Raising her voice, she loudly announced, "Oh, that reminds me! We must get some more nappies for little Jimmy.". The next seven or eight people in front of me all turned round and stared. And I could do nothing but stand there patiently for the next ten minutes.

    And to top it all off, on the long walk home, I bumped into a group of friends who all wanted to know what was in the huge black bin bag I was carrying. Thank god it was December and I managed to convince them it was just some boring Christmas presents.

    I order online now.

    P.S. Hope you don't mind me saying, but this had me baffled for ages:

    Quote Originally Posted by nezquic66 View Post
    The weather was warm today in NC, so I opted for shorts over jeans.
    I was like... "Why would you wear your shorts over your jeans?! What are you, Superman?! No wonder people were looking at you... Oh, hang on... Ahhhhh, I get it!"

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    You people must wear really small shirts if your diaper is seen poking out of your pants.....

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    I think that what happend to was yes embarrissing but that was a good teaching moment for that little girl and the mother handled that verry well.

    I have learned this about kids they will tell it like it is, no matter what it is.

    But guys can you emagine how embarrassing the talk on the ride home was for that mother I mean that little girl was probably asking so many qwestions.

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    I find it more easy to display the fact I am wearing a diaper because I am in a wheelchair it's almost expected. My diaper often shows if I lean forward. Also when wearing shorts my leg bag is sometimes visible. I think you did really well and if it happens again you will not feel as bad.

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