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  • Cloth diaper and water proof pants

    28 26.42%
  • disposable diapers

    86 81.13%
  • cloth training pant

    8 7.55%
  • disposable training pants

    13 12.26%
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Thread: Cloth or Disposable : Posted this back in 09, and wondering how the numbers might have changed.

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    Default Cloth or Disposable : Posted this back in 09, and wondering how the numbers might have changed. I posted this poll back in Jan 2009 and I am wondering over the last ~7 years how the numbers might have changed. So lets have at it

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    Disposables, for whatever reason they just feel more comfy and they also feel better when you wet them. They also make me feel more child like, probably cause I grew up with disposables.

    Cloth diapers I do admit has their advantages and they are pretty good advantages at that.

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    Plastic covered disposables for me. At times I will put water proof pants over my disposable if I think I am going to have the time and place for a real messy day.

    When I was a baby plastic covered diapers were the only type. I wonder if the new generation that grew up with cloth covered will be bias towards the cloth type.

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    I love disposables they make me feel so little and love the crinkle sound

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    Would love to do cloth but just don't have the time. Disposables are just easy to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABX View Post
    Would love to do cloth but just don't have the time. Disposables are just easy to do.
    I wear one cloth diaper a day it does not add that much more time. it takes maybe a minute to put it on at night, and I rise it in the am in my just as I shower taking maybe 2 minutes, then it just one extra load of laundry each week (and since there are 2 washers and driers in the common area, my normal load and diaper load can go at the same time) it it takes maybe 21 more minutes a week.

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    BOTH! (Where's that choice?!)

    I'm a big fan of cloth diapers. My sister and I were diapered in Curity prefolds back in the late 70's and early 80's. These were kept around the house after we were potty trained, and were my go-to diapers between the ages of 6 and 12. Of course, using them for their intended purpose was a bit tough--I couldn't run the washing machine--but simply wearing them was easy enough, and I did it A LOT! In my early teens, I began taking my allowance to the supermarket to buy Pampers and Huggies, and so began a several-decades-long exclusive love affair with disposables. Then, shortly after joining ADISC, I became cloth-curious again, and discovered the joys of adult-sized prefolds (by Changing Times).

    So, nowadays, I would say that I'm mainly a cloth diaper wearer, but I still really like disposables. Cloth-backed Cushies (ABU) are my favorite adult disposables. Despite being mainly a DL, I have a very strong affinity for baby diapers and babyish adult diapers, and the single tapes are a big part of that.

    That was a bit more of an answer than was requested, I suppose...

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    I'll always love plastic backed disposables first, but I also like to wear cloth. I love the how the bulk doesn't give way after being work for awhile. You can't make the bulk go away.

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    Cottontail, no problem on the long answer. I will admit I like Changing Times prefolds too. I will also say I normally like cloth but I am not against disposable when I do disposables I do Bellissimos. I am also starting to look at cloth training pants (as my other thread talks about)

    Also it is slightly interesting to see that disposable vs cloth numbers are about the same still.

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    Well I wear Angelfluff ultimate 3's cloth primarily during the day,at nite I wear the super heavy weight nite diaper,if going out of town for a day trip I will wear ATN'S ,for longer trips I have Abena's , Northshore , and Moli's .
    For over pants I wear "blue ice" by Gary and have bought my own pattern for both pull on and snap up,or sometimes wear kins rubber bloomers, all my onesies ( I have so many my onesies have onesies of there own)are Kin's.i get them at ridiculously cheap price because I order usually 30 at a time(5 of each color she has to offer at the time). All my doublers are full size non contoured.

    Did I miss anything?


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