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Thread: Type of diaper you use

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    Default Type of diaper you use

    I personally like cloth diapers with waterproof pants.

    So what do you like cloth/plastic pants or disposable.

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    I have always liked disposables much better. I know they are not good for the environment but they are just so comfortable and convenient.

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    Brandon0217, I will admit disposables are a bit more convenient when out and about, but I do personally find cloth diapers with waterproof pants a lot more comfortable. I will admit it is a bit more work to use, pinning them on, tucking the plastic pant into the diaper, rinsing them out after use (before putting them into the diaper pail), and washing them every few days.

    Plus the plastic pants have more babyish prints on them (so do the diapers, but the plastic pants are what is most visible) , while disposable (adult ones) are mostly white (or the ones with babyish prints on them are very expensive for just a 1 time use)

    Also I tend to sleep on my side, and the plastic pants (pull ons) keep it in till my diaper can absorb it, with disposable it will just leak out (and if I was to wear a plastic pant with the disposable it would just stay there and not get absorbed, and get pushed out as i roll over at night)

    Finally I find that cloth diapers seam to hold more wetting then disposable. And for some reason disposable just don't feel right to me.

    As you can see I don't do it for environmental reasons, but that is a side benefite to them too.

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    :bunny: I use plastic pants over doubled disposables. This gives me more absorbency and protection and seems more convenient over all. Although cloth diapers with plastic pants are more nostalgic to me. (they didn't have disposables when I was a baby/toddler.) :bunny:

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    Disposable. Because to me, cloth and plastic pants are not diapers.

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    I am another user of cloth diapers and plastic pants. I wore them as a baby and a child until I was 9 for wetting my bed. I started to wet my bed again over 15 years ago and choosing cloth diapers and plastic pants was not a hard choice to make. I also use disposables as a filler for my night diapers and when I go out while diapered under my clothes. I also never wear diapers without plastic pants too.

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    Disposebles are the best for me because there easily taken care of after use.

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    I've been using disposables and then I found a chick in minnesota who makes "little boy" briefs with the cartoon prints etc...but in teen/adult sizes. So I'm able to get really cool print briefs to wear over my diapers.

    I had a cloth diaper once from DPF several years ago but it was waaaay to thick and not practical for walking/sleeping/anything...its was just this huge sewn together wad of cloth that didn't feel like a natural diaper should. I'd be curious to see if there are any practical & comfortable cloth diapers.

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