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Thread: Have you ever seen a diaper in a public restroom trash can?

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    Default Have you ever seen a diaper in a public restroom trash can?

    I personally have never seen an exposed adult diaper left in a public restroom trash can. Is that unusual? The other thread got me thinking about this. I'm sure there very likely must have been used diapers left in bathrooms I have been in, but I've never seen any since I generally don't make any effort to look or dig through the trash. Have you ever seen, or do you frequently see, adult diapers left in public restroom trash cans?

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    But then I've also never gone out of my way to see what's in restroom trash cans.

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    I certainly don't dig through trash cans in public places looking for used diapers - but I never the less have seen adult diapers in these places before. Baby diapers are far more common sight. I can say that I have never seen a plastic adult diaper in a can -- only the pull on store bought types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    My own.
    Should have clarified, I meant besides your own.

    Quote Originally Posted by cm90210 View Post
    Baby diapers are far more common sight. I can say that I have never seen a plastic adult diaper in a can -- only the pull on store bought types.
    That does seem to be the case. I've seen baby diapers a few times too, but never any larger ones.

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    I'll give you one worse than the diaper in the garbage, my aide and I a number of years ago went to the family style room to change and cath me,we found out the door lock was broken just as she hit my Bladder because of the surprise interruption my aide turned and I was effectively streaming into the air and not the urinal,I did not have my aide wrap the used diaper and cath just so it would be visible if the little old lady came back when we left otherwise said little old lady would have the wrong idea of what young people in chairs do in there.

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    I have only seen 2 adult diapers in a public trash can. Both were in different places. One was in the trash at the men's room at a airport in a major city in the USA. The other was inside a trash can at in a men's room at a Welcome Center at the state line while traveling by auto in the USA.

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    Not that I really pay too much attention, but I haven't see any diaper in any public trashcan myself except for maybe a baby diaper.

    I've seen a post on here before though where someone at a restaraunt saw a used ABU Cushie (or some other similar ABDL diaper) in a trashcan at a restaraunt. Can't confirm the validity of the story though.

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    I am a janitor. I come across mostly the pull-on types of garments from Depend. I have seen some plastic Attends as well. The plastic Attends are not as objectionable as the Depend pull-on types, due to the added absorbency of the plastic "brief". Unfortunately, most of the users don't roll up the "brief" properly. They just un-tape, and leave it in the trash. There was one incidence where an individual left a used pull-on by one of the toilets. That required a call to one of the custodial supervisors. As a general rule: NEVER leave a used pull-on in a stall. That's just a good way to end up being called out!

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    I mash mine down hard. You would be hard pressed to see one of mine.

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