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Work has been really easy lately. Not that much to clean. Today I finished everything in less than 90 minutes, even got all the trash in one hour. When I got home was so hungry I ate a steak as soon as I cooked it. Didn't even wait for the Mac & cheese to be done.
I spent my Friday morning in a crinklz, it took two floodings and a small wetting before changing into a tena.
I am just seeing how you are doing as a fellow Aspie/Autistic.
Mega hot and humid here in Derry, New Hampshire.
I am washing my bedsheets and blankets this morning.
Normally I wear full adult disposable diapers.
But until I can get some more, I am wearing adult disposable pull-ups sitting here in my wheelchair.
It is not easy being dual-diagnosis, Autism and Cerebral Palsy.
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Hello! 👋
I'm doing good thank you! It's been cold in Australia, hoping that it snows soon.
It's 2:12AM and I am doodling on my tablet and listenting to some music while at it, my hand and arm are hurting so I'm taking a break.
I'm moving houses next month, bit nervous about it (I don't know how I'll cope) but I know that I'll do just fine (y)
I hope that you're doing well and hope that you have a nice day today~ 😊
Besides washing blankies, I needed to was clothes and re-usable bed pads.
Plus I have been cleaning my bathroom, and hand-washing adult plastic pants and hanging them up to dry.
Also I emptied out my diaper pail in my handicapped-adapted bathroom and I took out the trash.
Except for watching the children's movie, THE NUT JOB 2 - NUTTY BY NATURE, I have been in Adult mode most of the day.
I mean people really think some $300 TV competes with a $1000 TV? Hell no it don't

If it did, it wouldn't be $300
Price isn't an indication of quality ... Samsung is a good example of cheap parts in expensive televisions .
If you are talking a $400 Samsung, yes

An expensive one is actually a good product equal or better than LG or Sony though
Point is if you are looking at a $1000 TV, you will have to be looking at TVs at at least $800 to truly compare

A TV that is 2/3rds less is that much cheaper for good reason
I hate how these days it seems like Stupidity is a "Badge of Honor" that one wears on their Sleeve

Tons of know Nothings seem to think they are hot s*it know it alls that don't even try to learn anything about anything and talk s*it quite bravely

Probably because they have a computer screen to hide behind

Nothing is worse than these folks, especially those that seem to believe Quality is some illusion, 😆
Convo I had with mum today about some medical stuff:

Me: ''Wow these medical briefs I'm wearing is like wearing a diaper!''

Her: ''It is too, I'm gonna call you diaper girl from now on''

Me: ''Hey, I'm fine with that :LOL:''

Her: ''Ok Diaper Girl 🤣''

Me Instantly regretting everything I said:

Today is a great day. Padded up first thing this morning at 8 am, made homemade blueberry pancakes, hash-browns, bacon,sausage and enough mimosas made from fresh squeezed OJ. Great breakfast and a full day of drinking and snuggling with the hubby watching old Top Gear.
Did a test run of watching a bit of TV and some gaming in my new TV, and now I want it to be next weekend already so I can properly enjoy it without feeling rushed to go to bed or get ready for work or anything