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I don't like the tape diapers that I was sent by tykables, the tapes are not set at the same position as the tykables hook and loop and this will cause me to leak so these diapers are kinda garbage for me. Little Rascals, I already had to refit the tapes on the landing zone and only been wearing it for 5 minutes. Very annoyed to have 20 diapers that I hate.
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As I read in this thread, you can still defrost your freezer with them or cut out the absorbent part and use it as a stuffer.
Your remark about working out/running in a diaper piqued my interest. I'm not into messy diaper but I love thick wet ones. When I say I like them thick and wet, I mean I almost need suspenders on my plastic panties and I'd for sure want to do that for running. What concerns me most is the chaffing.
How far do you run in your diapers and have you had any problems with chaffing?
No problems chaffing, I only run between 2-3 miles.
I can't believe tykables sent me the cheap ass Little Rascals diapers, instead of the good Tykables diapers, and thought I would be happy, they are cheaper by over 100 dollars per case, they are thin like medical grade diapers and have tapes. I feel like I got ripped off.
Tykables shipment came in and they sent the wrong damn diapers, they gave me 20 off he little rascal diapers that suck, and do not have the hook and loop tapes.
This is a weird American thing. Usually, we call trousers pants, right? This is true, unless and until, someone wets or poops in them, then, assuming you're wearing any, pants American are pants British again, not that we aren't also talking about the trousers over top of them, too.
Anyone else have a really thick diaper on?
Do you miss being a teacher?
I miss some of the kids but not the rat race of teaching. There are so many troubled kids in public schools and I taught in an inner city school. Most of those kids were okay and some where great kids. The school I was in also was a applicant school where some of the students came from other districts. This was a middle school that had a great drama and music department and it was fun to work with them.