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Hello, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back, things have been hectic at work. You seem to have a great handle on all of this and I was curious if you would be willing to talk via phone sometime? I am doing better with the diapers but talking to the wife has had its share of struggle.

I do appreciate all of your encouragement.

Thanks and happy nappies

How do I make new threads in "What diapers are you wearing right now"?
You just scroll to the bottom and then there's a place to put a quick reply.
feel free to talk to me anytime
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Thanks I need to get the balls to just stay in diapers I’m still stuck on my family’s lack of acceptance it’s hard when I live at home (California is too fucking expensive)
Server performance is very good. We just completed a very extensive server migration, and as part of that, paid for 2019's hosting up front on a yearly plan. So, we won't be able to change provider again for a long while. Don't worry about donating again yet, I'll put up a donation page for operating costs when it becomes needed. Thanks again for your support!
I play Death Guard and Eldar Ulthwe home of Eldrad Ulthran. What 40K army do you collect? :)
I used to collect space marines, as of now I've shifted my attention to Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Turns out I'm a reasonably good writer. :)
How is your server performance? Does your hosted server need upgrades? Is it leased or are you just renting space? If it needs an upgrade, what are the relative costs including overhead and monthly fees? If it doesn't need an upgrade then we can carry on. If it does, I can certainly help. Don't get me wrong. I am far from rich but I do have some disposable income.
Statistically speaking, the chances are higher finding ABDL or the like in regions of high population density like metro areas. We are one in a million or so. Feel bad for the Aby that lives in rural areas. Huggs! :)