Zoey's Playhouse Part 4 (ABDL horror)


Diaper Lover, Little
WARNING (this story may be a bit unsettling with suggestion of murder)

All was dark, her head was still spinning and her stomach just a little achy, yet Lisa was gradually coming to. There was a chill around her arms and thighs and her hair felt tight. Feeling around, she could make out sheets on a bed and a pillow she was laying on. The room though was still too dark to see where she was. She assumed home, or maybe at Corey's parents' house, though she didn't recall exactly how she made it there.

Lisa sat up on the bed, a short rail system lined the bed. She climbed out of the bed, her legs a bit wobbly, as she woozily walked about in the dark, not knowing where to go. She came to a wall where she quickly began to feel about for a light switch. Eventually she found the light and flicked in on. She wasn't in her room, and it didn't seem like a room that would be at Corey's parents' house. It was a baby's room with a bed lined with guard rails, a large dresser changing table, a kiddie table with dolls, stuffed animals and other toys lining the floor.

Looking down at herself and found she was wearing a frilly yellow laced princess dress with knee high socks and a big bow pulling her hair back into a pony tail. She lifted up the dress and saw she had on a large bulky white diaper pulled all the way up to her navel. She felt a tightness around her neck. She reached up and felt a metal collar around her throat. Slowly, she began to realize where she was.

Zoey “What are you doing out of bed!?”

Lisa jumped as she spun around to catch Zoey standing by the door with her hands on her hips.

Zoey “You should still be asleep young lady.”

Lisa “What did you do to me?”

Zoey “Don't give me that tone. Now you get back into bed while I prepare dinner.”

Lisa “Where's Barbara!?”

Zoey “Oh, poor thing. Barbara was a bad doll who didn't do what I told her to do. So I broke her. Popped her little head off.”

Zoey unveiled a purple dress stained with blood, a twisted smirk upon her face.

Lisa “Oh my god!”

Zoey “It's what she gets for being defective. Though I could still make a jack-in-the-box with her fat head. Wouldn't that be fun!?”

Lisa just stood back in awe, her hand over her mouth and her eyes as wide with fear as can be.

Zoey “Now you be good while I go take out the trash.”

Lisa “Where's my things?”

Zoey “Oh your little phone. I'm sorry, mommy broke it was cleaning. You shouldn't have left your toys laying on the floor. But I do have your little purse, with you make up, candy and - -”

Zoey pulled out the gold bracelet Lisa was holding for Corey's parents.

Zoey “Ooh, a shiny gold bracelet!”

Lisa “No!”

Zoey “Oh, someone scribbled on it.”

Zoey threw down the bracelet and stomped on it.

Lisa “No!”

Zoey I can always order one with my mommy's money.

Lisa “Please. Let me go. I promise I won't say a thing.”

Zoey “Oh baby, I know you want to go out and play, but it's dangerous and you may get hurt.”

Zoey held up a detonator. Lisa shriveled up in fear.

Zoey “Now you stay here and play nice. Such a cutie.”

Zoey skipped out and shut the door, locking it. Lisa just stood in the room, shaken. She turned and saw two large window closed with curtains, one over looking the changing table. She rushed over to the changing table, climbed on top of it and flung the curtains open. She was on the second floor and there were metal bars between her and the glass. She tried to open the window but the bars only got in the way. She sat there for a while, melancholic and afraid of what was to happen next.

A while later, Zoey returned to find Lisa curled up on the bed.

Zoey “Dinner time! Come on baby.”

Lisa just laid there.

Zoey “Baby Emily you get your butt over here immediately.”

Lisa hesitantly got up and followed suit. Zoey lead her down the hall, the detonator in her hand.

Zoey “Right this way baby.”

Lisa stepped into the dining room where she saw Zack sitting at the table, naked with his dog ears and tail, along with another guy wearing glasses and dressed in a purple rabbit suit. Zoey pulled out a chair.

Zoey “Sit here baby. Your high chair won't arrive till tomorrow.”

Lisa sat down at the end of the table as Zoey placed a bowl of mashed up food. She then got on the chair next to Lisa and tied a bib around her front.

Zoey “There, now don't make a mess now.”

Looking next to her, Lisa saw Zack who had a food dish in front of him with dog food in it. Zoey sat next to her left with a plate of cooked stake, peas, mashed potatoes and a glass of soda. Next to her was the guy in the purple rabbit suit who had a plate of carrots in front of him.

Zoey “Now eat up everyone. After this we'll have desert.”

Lisa just looked in disgust at the mash in front of her. She then looked over to Zack who gave her a look of pity before leaning over and eating the food out of the dish before him.

Zoey “Eat up baby.”

Lisa begrudgingly lifted up her spoon and scooped up a glob of food mash. She slowly brought it to her mouth and gulped it in. her mouth puckered.

Lisa “Yuck!”

Zoey “Now you eat your food missy or there will be no desert for you young lady.”

Lisa “It's disgusting!”

Zoey tapped on the detonator she had next to her. Lisa turned to see Zack shaking his head at her.

Zoey “Brutus, eat your doggy food!”

Zack whimpered.

Zoey “Oh all right.”

Zoey took a sliver of steak and tossed it into his food dish where he ate it up.

Zoey “I always spoil you. Now Emily, you eat up. You hear!”

Lisa picked up her spoon again and took another bite, then another and another, forcing it down each time.

As they ate, Lisa could feel the ache leave her stomach and go on down to her bladder.

Lisa “Um - - excuse me.”

Zoey “Yes baby.”

Zoey continued eating.

Lisa “Can I please use the bathroom? I have to go.”

Zoey “Aww, baby wants to be a big girl and go potty. But you can't sweetie. You're too little. You go and mommy will change you when we're done.”

Lisa “I'd like to go use the toilet if you'd please let me go.”

Zoey “Don't talk back to mommy deary. You will stay here and eat your dinner Emily and I will change you later.”

Lisa “I don't want to be changed and my name is not Emily! Now let me go damn it!”

Zoey “You do not use that kind of language in this house young lady! Now one more peep out of you and I'll blow your head off!”

Lisa slouched back into her chair. She began to tremble as she could feel her strength about to give. Zoey and the others kept on eating as Lisa's legs began shaking uncontrollably. She tried another spoon full of mush. A bead of sweat rolled down her brow as she could keep her hands from trembling and her lip from quivering.

Lisa pressed her legs together yet he couldn't hold out for much longer. She kept eating until suddenly, she could feel a warm spot between her thighs. She could feel her legs quaked up and down even more as the spot kept getting warmer and bigger, reaching all the way down to her bottom. Her hands shook violently as she couldn't even get the spoon in her mouth any longer. A tear came to her eye and rolled down her cheek.

Her butt clenched up all of a sudden as she sat upright and tried to control herself. The warm spot grew heavier and heavier in the diaper till eventually her butt relaxed and she could begin to feel herself gradually begin to poo. She squirmed around uncomfortably as she found trying to poo while sitting in a chair to be quite difficult, only making her squish around in her own mess. Her thighs began a chafe as the soaked diaper began to finally reek, the repugnant stench burning her nostrils. After a while of sitting awkwardly in her dirty diaper, the others at the table soon began to notice.

Zoey “Eww! What smells?”

Zoey looked at Lisa who was shriveling up about to cry.

Zoey “Oh baby. Come on, I'll change you now. Come on.”

Zoey got out of her seat and took Lisa by the hand, leading her up and out of the dining room.

Zoey “You two! To your rooms! Now!”

Zack and the guy in the rabbit suit got up, picked up their plates, and followed Zoey as she escorted Lisa down the hall. Zack and the other guy were sent to their rooms and locked in while Lisa was taken upstairs to the baby room.

Once they got there, Zoey handcuffed Lisa to the changing table by the window where she pulled up her dress and unfixed the tabs on her diaper. Lisa began to tear up.

Lisa “Please, please let me go.”

Lisa whimpered.

Zoey “Keep still baby.”

Zoey unfolded the front of the dirty diaper and slid it out from under Lisa's behind.

Lisa “Please. I don't deserve this.”

Zoey “What do you mean you don't deserve this? No one said you deserved this. I didn't deserve my life. I didn't deserve my stupid mother who hated me and punished me or deserve my parents getting a divorce and my dad leaving me to go work and have a stupid family elsewhere. No one deserves anything. You don't deserve to have your stupid job or your boyfriend and his family. You just get what you get. Deal with it.”

Zoey took out a wet wipe and furiously began wiping down Lisa.

Lisa “Please let me go.”

Zoey “Shut up!”

Zoey tossed the dirty wet wipe in a bin and unfolded a clean diaper to place under Lisa. She pulled the diaper up underneath Lisa's waist, took out a bottle of talcum powder and sprinkled it over her crouch. Zoey then folded the diaper over through Lisa's thighs and fixed it in place with the tabs.

Zoey “There, nice and clean.”

Zoey undid Lisa's handcuffs where she sat up on the changing table, face red with humiliation and frustration.

Lisa “Please, Zoey, you'll someday get in big trouble with what you're doing. Abducting people. Murder! Please, get this stupid collar off me!”

Zoey “Don't you like it? It's state of the art technology, straight from my daddy's military lab facilities. I have a whole box of them stashed in my closet. All it takes is one little click on this remote and BOOM! Bye bye baby.”

Zoey giggled as she held up the detonator.

Lisa “How does your mother not know about what you're up to? Where is she?”

Zoey “Her?! She use to spank me you know. She didn't even do anything around the house. Just sat around and ignored me or yelled at me. She was a cheater, and a drinker. All she did was just mooch off my dad and her dad.”

Zoey walked over to Lisa and grabbed her by the hand, dragging her over to the door way.

Zoey “So one night I put a sleeping pill in her drink. Just like I did with you. She fell asleep and woke up in the most peculiar situation.”

Zoey then stepped over to the room across the hall and opened the door. Lisa, too shaken to run, just stood there beside her. As the door opened, Lisa's eyes widened in horror as she saw an older woman standing in the middle of the room, wearing a cutesy chiffon dress, hair done up like a fifties house mom, and skin smooth and shiny.

Zoey “She woke up in a casket, butt naked, just in time to see me coat her with a bucket of hot sculpting wax. You should have seen her eyes. Eventually she hardened into a nice new dolly. Of course I had to buy her a wig and new clothes, but that's easy when I can order things online through her bank account.”

Lisa got in closer, the room completely trashed, and saw the frozen expression of shock on the woman's face.

Zoey “I also had to carve open her eyes, which were still moving at the time I did it. I couldn't imagine how painful it must have felt.”

Lisa “Why?”

Lisa trembled.

Lisa “ You're sick!”

Zoey “Hey! I didn't take crap from her and I won't take any from you. Now off to beddy bye missy! Come on, move your little diaper butt.”

Lisa huffed, folded her arms and stomped out of the room. Zoey followed Lisa into her baby room.

Zoey “Into bed now.”

Lisa just stood firm with her arms crossed.

Zoey “Bed! Now!”

Zoey directed Lisa toward the bed. Lisa reluctantly stepped over to the bed, climbed in and lied down as Zoey helped raise the sheet over her and tuck her in.

Lisa “You won't get - -”

Zoey shoved a pacifier in Lisa's mouth.

Zoey “Suck on your binky now sweetie. There you go.”

Lisa laid there for a moment with Zoey pushing the pacifier in her mouth. After a while, Lisa would cave, swishing the rubber nipple around in her mouth before begrudgingly beginning to suck on it.

Zoey “Good baby, good. You're new here, but you'll learn. You can't get away. You're mine now, and you'll always be mine. So just stop struggling baby. It'll all be okay. Mommy's here to take care of you, and I'll always be there for my baby girl.”

Zoey stroked Lisa's hair and kissed her on the forehead.

Zoey “Now you stay and bed and get some sleep. And you are not to get out of that bed at anytime until I come and get you up in the morning. Understood?”

Zoey lifted the detonator out of her pocket just enough for Lisa to see it before stuffing it back in and walking out and turning out the lights, leaving Lisa alone in the cribbed bed with the pacifier in her mouth. She rolled over to the wall where she would curl up and cry for some time before falling asleep.
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