Zoey's Playhouse Part 3 (ABDL horror)


Diaper Lover, Little
Lisa checked up on her phone, still charging, and called up Corey.

Corey “Hey, are you okay?”

Lisa “Yeah I'm fine. I'm at a large house right now. The people here let me use their phone to call for a repair truck to come over. They say it'll take them about an hour. They should be here any minute now.”

Corey “Okay. Are you sure you won't need a ride?”

Lisa “I'm fine. I'll call you when I'm about ten minutes away.”

Corey “Okay I'll wait up for you. My parents are dying to see you again.”

Lisa “I'm sure they are. Last time they thought I was too young for you. I hope I've grown up enough for them since.”

Corey “Well you just be sure to bring over that gold bracelet. It cost me a fortune to have my and my sisters' names engraved on it for their anniversary.”

Lisa “Well if you spent so much on it then why did you forget it to bring it yourself?”

Corey “Because I have a loving fiancé who's got my back.”

Lisa “Right.”

Corey “Just don't run off and pawn it now.”

Lisa “Yeah love you too. Bye.”

Lisa hung up the phone and left it charging by the wall. She walked off down the hall over to where the bathroom was pointed out to her. As she walked she mumbled to herself.

Lisa “Stained my pants. Damn it.”

She came to the bathroom but stopped suddenly upon hearing whimpering down the hall. Slowly, she ventured off to investigate, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Lisa tread cautiously down the large hallway, passing by several doors in search of the whimpering. She passed by one door where she heard it being scratched at. The dog most likely. She then came to the door she was looking for and turned the knob.


Lisa stood still a moment, listening in carefully to the muffled sobbing from within. It sounded like Barbara though Lisa couldn't understand why it was she was being punished by Zoey. She almost felt guilty since it was her lap Barbara had spilled her tea on. Lisa knocked at the door but found no answer. She slowly backed away and began heading back down the hall when suddenly a voice came from the next room.

Hey. Hey. Do you hear me?”

Lisa “Who is . . .”

Hey. Over here.”

Lisa approached the door.

Lisa “Yes.”

Hey, do me a favor and go get the keys in the room across the hall.”

Lisa “Why?”

The door shut and I accidentally locked myself in here. Just go get the keys. They're in Zoey's dresser by her bed.”

Lisa “Oh. Alright.”

Lisa hesitantly walked over to the room across the hall and slowly pushed the door open.

Lisa “Zoey?”

She was nowhere in sight.

Lisa stepped in quietly. The room was large with a white and pink color scheme, toys and dolls crowding much of the space. Lisa walked over to the dress and retrieved the keys. As she made her way out she stepped on something hard. Looking down she found a doll on the floor beneath her foot with its head torn off.

Lisa tip toed out and made it back to the door the voice was coming from. She stood there, hesitantly at first before reaching for the door nob and unlocking it. Slowly, she opened the door and peaked in.

Lisa “Hello?”

Lisa slowly crept in. The room was sparse with a large doggy bed on the floor along with a food and water dish and chew toys lying all over the place.

Lisa “Hel - - Oh!”

An arm pulled her aside and quickly closed the door. Lisa flung around where she saw a young guy, stark naked with the exception of a dog eared headband, a metal collar, and a belt with a fluffy dog tail attached to the back of it. Lisa gasped.

Guy “It's okay, I won't hurt you.”

Lisa “What are you doing here?”

Guy “Listen you got to help me. Where's Zoey?”

Lisa “In the attic. Why are you - -”

Guy “Look, you got to do me a favor. Get Barbara out of the next room.”

Lisa “Barbara?”

Guy “Yeah, she came about several months ago.”

Lisa felt a knot in her gut, prompting her to clench her stomach.

Guy “Is there something wrong?”

Lisa “No I'm fine.

Guy “Good, now go get Barbara and be sure to get Mr. Fluffkins too.”

Lisa “Who?”

Guy “Look, me and several other people were trapped here by Zoey. You see this collar?”

Lisa “Yeah.”

Guy “It's a bomb. She has a small detonator. I have to get it before she does. Do you know where it is?”

Lisa “I last saw it on the dining room table. But why are you - -”

Guy “I'm Zoey's dog. . . Brutus. But my real name's Zack.”

Lisa “Zack? Okay.”

Zack “Now quick, go get Barbara.”

Lisa “Okay.”

Zack peaked out the door before quickly darting off.

Lisa, head spinning, slowly regained her senses crept out over to the next room. She unlocked the door and cautiously peaked in. The room was set up like a doll house with bright, colorful bed sheets, pillows, dresser, a mirror, and a tiny tea party play set. She saw Barbara sprawled out on the bed, crying her eyes out.

Lisa “Barbara?”

Barbara looked up, startled.

Barbara “How did you get in here?”

Lisa “I got the keys. Are you alright?”

Barbara “What are you doing here? Go on get out, before she punishes both of us.”

Lisa “I've come to help.”

Barbara “No! Look at what she's done to me. I was in college earning my degree. I had a family and a girl friend. Look at me. Look at this. She'll kill me if I try to leave.”

Lisa “Don't worry, I'll you get you out of here. But first we have to find someone named Mr. Fluffkins.”

Barbara “She keeps him upstairs.”

Lisa “Come on! Show me!”

Lisa took Barbara by the hand and ran out of the room.

Lisa “I can call the police and tell them to where we are.”

Barbara “That's what I thought, till I found out Zoey gave me the wrong address.”

Lisa “Wrong address?”

A figure jumped out from around a corner, cutting off Lisa and Barbara.

It was Zack!

Zack “I checked the table. The detonator's not there.”

Lisa “She must have taken it.”

Zack “I'll go back and search the living room.”

Lisa “My phone is there. I'll go.”

Zack “Okay. Come on.”

Zack and Barbara took the keys and headed off. Lisa ran back down to the living. She checked the socket where she'd left her phone.

It was missing!

Lisa “What?”

Lisa sneaked into the kitchen where she found her purse and quickly ran back down the hall where she suddenly began feeling woozy. she heard footsteps coming toward her. Panicked, she ducked into one of the rooms as the footsteps came rushing toward her before coming to a sudden halt. Lisa breathed heavily as she looked around the corner.

Barbara “Lisa?”

Lisa “Barbara?”

Lisa clumsily stepped out of hiding.

Lisa “Where's Zack?”

Barbara “Upstairs still. Are you okay?”

Lisa “Yeah, just tired and confused is all. And my stomach feels sick.”

Barbara “Your stomach?”

Zoey “Brutus! What are you doing out of your room!?”

Lisa “Quick, we have to make a run for it.”

Lisa took Barbara by the arm and the two took off down the hall, Lisa having difficulty staying balanced. Once they cleared the corner, Lisa peaked around back where they came from to see Zack running down at the other end. Zoey appeared behind him.

Zoey “Brutus! Sit!”

Zack suddenly stopped in his tracks and sat down on the floor like a dog.

Zoey “Bad doggy! Bad!”

Lisa pulled Barbara by the arm and made a mad dash toward the front door.

Lisa “Hurry!”

They came closer and closer to the front door.

Barbara “Come on!”

They made it to the entrance. Barbara quickly pulled the doors open and ran out. Lisa, feeling ill and losing focus, tripped trying to make it down the front steps.

Lisa “Wait.”

She looked up hazily to see Barbara stop and take one look at her before running off in the distance. Then . . .

. . .everything went dark.