Zoey's Playhouse Part 2 (ABDL horror)


Diaper Lover, Little
Lisa plugged in her phone to the charger and texted Corey her whereabouts. Eventually Zoey returned and greeted Lisa to the dining room.

Lisa “So what do you guys have to eat?”

Zoey “Salad, fruit, jelly and bread. Hey we can have a tea party! With cake and cookies and tea. Would you like that?”

Lisa “Uh, sure. I could go for some tea.”

Zoey “I can make it. Just wait here.”

Zoey skipped off, eventually returning to help set up their tea party. The two shared a long dining room table together drinking tea and eating cake, Lisa having several glasses of tea while only picking at her cake.

Lisa “So what does you mother do?”

Zoey “She doesn't work. She inherited her money from her mom. My daddy works in tech, designing computers and equipment for government contractors.”

Lisa “That's nice. At least you get to see him often, right?”

Zoey “My parents split two years ago and I don't really see him.”

Lisa “Oh, I'm sorry.”

Zoey “Yeah. So what are you doing around these parts?”

Lisa “I'm actually from out of town. I work as an insurance manager at a bank. My boyfriend, well my fiancé, is meeting his parents here and I'm coming down to see them.”

Zoey “That's nice.”


Lisa “Your dog sounds rather anxious. What kind is it?”

Zoey “A handsome kind.”

Lisa “Of course. I'd like to get a dog someday when my boyfriend and I move in together.”

Zoey “Do you want children?”

Lisa “Well, not now at least. I don't know, I'm kind of busy with everything else, work and all.”

Zoey “Speaking of which I need to check up on Barbara.”

Lisa “Who's Barbara?”

Zoey “My dolly. You want to see her?”

Lisa “Sure.”

Zoey ran off, leaving Lisa alone with her tea.

A moment later, Lisa saw Zoey walking down the hall along with a young woman about Lisa's age with dark skin with long black hair in a pony tail and a purple dress that stretched down by her small thighs.

Lisa “Who's this?”

Zoey “This is Barbara.”

Lisa “Oh. . . okay then.”

Zoey “Barbara, this is Lisa. Say hi.”

Barbara “Hi! I'm Barbara. I like to play.”

She spoke with a large smile on her face.

Lisa “That's nice. I'm Lisa, nice to meet you.”

Barbara “I want to be your best friend.”

Lisa “Oh. . . thanks.”

Zoey “Have a seat Barbara.”

Barbara took a seat at the table. Up close, Lisa noticed Barbara had pounds of pink blush on her cheeks and a large metal collar around her neck.

Zoey “Barbara's real fun to play with.”

Lisa “I'm sure. Are you Zoey's sitter?”

Barbara “I'm full of fun and excitement.”

Lisa “. . .Okay.”

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Zoey “Cookies Barbara?”

Barbara “I love tea parties.”

Zoey “Here, have some tea.”

Barbara “I love tea parties.”

Zoey served Barbara some tea and cookies and the three continued eating and drinking together. Zoey played around with what appeared to be a small remote toy as Lisa had another cup of tea, although by now she felt she's has so much that it was all beginning to taste funny to her by this point.

Lisa “So you go to school here Zoey?”

Zoey “No I'm home schooled.”

Lisa “That's interesting.”

Zoey “So you say you're getting married soon?”

Lisa “Well that depends on your definition of soon.”

Zoey “Is your boyfriend nice?”

Lisa “I don't know. I guess I'll just have to find out. I got a picture of him.”

Lisa reached into her purse and pulled out a picture to show to Zoey.

Zoey “Ooh, he's cute.”

Lisa “Yeah.”

Zoey “You two look like a good couple. He's handsome, and you're really pretty, with nice hair and adorable eyes.”

Lisa “Thanks. Do you have any napkins?”

Zoey “Oh sure. In the kitchen. I'll go get some. Now you two behave now.”

Zoey skipped off again as Lisa dug around in her purse for a tub of lipstick and a bottle of Tic Tacs. She held the bottle out to Barbara.

Lisa “Tic Tac!?”

Barbara “I want to be your best friend.”

Lisa “Okay?”

Looking up, Lisa noticed that Barbara was no longer smiling and was instead mouthing words without saying anything.


Lisa “What?”


Barbara leaned over to Lisa and in the process, accidentally spilled her cup of tea on the table and all over the Lisa's lap.


Zoey stomped into the room.

Zoey “Look at what you've done!”

Barbara sunk back into her seat, her eyes wide with terror.

Zoey “Come here!”

Barbara just sat there petrified.

Zoey “Come here!”

Zoey laid her remote on the table and grabbed Barbara by the hand, pulling her out of the chair.

Zoey “You naughty girl. Bad dolly!”

Just as Lisa began wiping the tea off her pants, she looked up to see Zoey pull Barbara by the arm, bending her down and flip her dress up over her behind, exposing her butt and a pair of ruffled white panties. Zoey then smacked Barbara hard on her behind as Lisa sat by and watched. She looked on in shock as Zoey continued to spank Barbara who quivered up and began to cry aloud, her face turning blush and tears rolling down her cheeks.

Zoey “You're going to your room missy.”

She stormed off leading Barbara by the arm.

Lisa just sat in awe after what she just seen. She shook her head and continued cleaning off her pants. Down the hall she could still hear Barbara wailing as Zoey continued to scold her. One door slam later and Zoey came back to the dining room.

Zoey “I'm so sorry. Are you okay?”

Lisa “Yeah, I'm fine. Is Barbara alright?”

Zoey “She's fine. She just needs some fixing up is all. Do you need to change clothes?”

Lisa “No. I should be going anyway. Do you mind if I use the bathroom?”

Zoey “No, not at all. It's down the hall to the right.”

Lisa “Thanks.”

Zoey “I've got some work to do up in the attic. But I'll be back.”

Lisa “Okay.”