Zoey's Playhouse Part 1 (ABDL horror)


Diaper Lover, Little
Mid evening, a young woman, Lisa, dressed in a long black button front pants suit with her flat brown hair drooped straight back down to her lower lumbar, cruises smoothly in a glistening white Benz along the winding roads of the majestic hill side deep into forest country. She struts a pare of black high heeled boots and a small Coach bag with a gold watch on her wrist and bright diamond earrings that dangled casually as she swerved to and fro through the mountain path. The sun shined on the side of her smooth face and high cheeks as the humming of the vehicle droned out the wildness noise.

Her phone suddenly began to ring through the car, 'Corey'. She tapped the phone key on the dash board and took the call through her car.

Lisa “Hey honey, what's up?”

Corey “Hey! Where are you?”

Lisa “I'm just about forty-five minutes away from where you are.”

Corey “Alright. Do you have - -”


Lisa “Hold on I think I'm losing you. What?”

Corey “What?”

Lisa “Oh, what were you saying?”

Corey “I asked if you brought the gold bracelet I had engraved.”

Lisa “Yes I have it. You act like I can't understand an instruction you gave one thousand times.”

Corey “Well don't forget to bring it. That's a thousand and one.”

Lisa “You're the one who forgot it at your place.”

Corey “Well I was too distracted thinking about all the time we'll be spending together this weekend.”

Lisa “Yeah, with your parents.”

Corey “They won't bother us none.”

Lisa “Yeah right. Your mother still thinks you're her little boy.”

Corey “I am. I just so happened to find another mommy I like.”

Lisa "I was not put on this Earth to raise you."

Corey "I know, I know you were put here to start your own business and build your empire to which I will be your faithful servant."

Lisa “Yes. Love you too. Bye.”

She hangs up.

The sun began to set fast as the bright blue sky began to turn a deep orange. Lisa continued on, not a sign of traffic for more than a mile both ways as she just kept flying around the sharp curves and breezing over the twigs and foliage cluttering the road. She sped along, almost in a daze as her long journey thus far seemed to gradually be soothing her to sleep. Looking out across the vast rocky terrain, she could feel herself getting lost in all the detail of the trees swaying in the wind and the . . .


Lisa jumped at the loud bang, her eyes wide with fear as she lost control of the car. Slowing down, she gradually regained her control. A loud hiss could be heard over the hum of the engine where it was then she knew she had a flat tire. She continued to mosey on down a straight stretch of road looking for a place to pull over. Pushing on further and further she could spot no clearing. A little bit further she quickly spotted an off road and promptly pulled on to it. A little further still down the narrow road hidden away by the overhanging trees she eventually came across a dirt path. With little strength left in her vehicle she slowly eased onto the path and came to a stop.

With a sigh, Lisa unbuckled her seat belt and got out, the dirt crunching beneath her heals. She stretched her legs and retrieved her Couch bag from the passenger seat and got out her phone. She dialed up the auto insurance company to ask for a tow.

Lisa “Yeah, hello. Hello!”


Lisa “Hello!”

Operator “ - - how can I help you?”

Lisa “Yes I have a flat out somewhere off - - hello!?'

Lisa looked to her phone, the battery was near dead.

Lisa “Damn!”

She looked up the long dirt road and managed to spot a large house up the hill. Another sigh and Lisa began her long trek upward until suddenly stopping and turning back to the car. She reached into the glove compartment can pulled out a jewelry box. Opening it up, she checked the gold bracelet inside before closing it and stuffing it into her purse.

By the time she'd reached the large front door the sun was almost gone. Already tired and exhausted from her journey, Lisa rang the doorbell by the entrance. She stood there a while, checked her gold watch, smoothed out her suit jacket and shook her hair straight. Again, Lisa rang the bell until the large double doorway opened.

“Why hello there. How can I help you?”

A little girl, about eleven, answered the door. She had long black hair, large brown eyes, and a white dress that hung just above her knees.

Lisa “Hi, are your parents home?”

Girl “No they're not. But they'll be back soon.”

Lisa “Oh, well do you have a phone, a land line I can use. My car got a flat.”

Girl “Sure. Come in.”

Lisa took off her heels and stepped in. The house was large and lavished, grand vases and sculptures decorate the halls and living space.

Lisa “This is a lovely house you have - -”

Girl “Zoey.”

Lisa “This is a nice house Zoey. I'm Lisa. So when do you think you parents will be back?”

Zoey “My daddy lives in New York where he works. My mom stays here. She'll be back in about an hour from shopping.”

Lisa “Oh, well I hope they won't mind me using your guy's phone.”

Zoey “No, not at all. This way.”

Lisa eventually got the phone and called the auto company.

Lisa “What's this address?”

Zoey “1125 Kink Road.”

Lisa “1125 Link Road. Yeah. One hour . . . okay. Thanks.”

Lisa hangs up.

Lisa “Hey do you mind if I call my boyfriend. He's expecting me at a his parents place.”

Zoey “Don't you have a cell phone?”

Lisa “Well. . . do you mind if I charge it?”

Zoey “No, not at all. Hey do you want to have dinner while you wait?”

Lisa “Will your mother approve?”

Zoey “Sure. It'll be about hour before she gets back.”

Lisa “Well I guess I could have a little something. You know, your parents must be quite trusting to leave you home alone like this all by yourself.”

Zoey “Well I am mature for my age.”

Lisa “Aww, I wish I could be young again, instead of just working all day and paying bills.”

Zoey “Well you won't have to worry about all that tonight.”

Lisa “Yeah, at least not tonight. Just my stupid car.”


The howls came from down the hall.

Lisa “Oh, you have a dog.”

Zoey “Yes. I'll go see what's bothering him.”

Zoey skipped off, leaving Lisa to wander about a while looking the lavished décor, real upper class with objects of art, large glass chandeliers, and gorgeous European inspired classical furniture design, much better than even Lisa's big city apartment. She came across a large portrait passing by the living room of Zoey and her parents dressed in the predictable high class style. Upon further inspection she found a thin layer of dust covering the furnishing as though it hadn't been cleaned in some time, yet besides that it all looked so beautiful. She liked it.
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