Zero gravity recliners and bean bag chairs as ABDL furniture.


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I've seen post about adult highchairs and cribs but I want something like a baby rocker in adult size. I think that laying down in this position would make wearing and using a diaper easier. The closest thing I could find are called zero gravity recliners but big bean bag chairs could also work. Has anyone ever tried wearing a diaper while relaxing in furniture like this and do you have any furniture recommendation? I also wanted to use this with my laptop.


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Me and mommy keep a large bean bag chair in my nursery.
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Ceras said:
Me and mommy keep a large bean bag chair in my nursery.
WE bought a large bean bag chair for the Livingroom . It is HUGE . 2 people can easily snuggle in it and it is super comfy .
A car seat in the house.

I don't play video games, but I can see it being useful for that, if one wants to find a set of car seat belts from an autowrecker to strap themselves in while virtual racing.