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Zander's Beach Day

It was a warm sunny day on the Gulf Coast of Florida as the sunlight filtered through a the window of the TV room. On the floor fast asleep on a changing pad covered with a baby blue light woollen blanket laid a young boy no more than 3 and a half years old. This was his Aunt Mandy's home. The blond haired boy had come all the way here from Millsboro Delaware to visit his aunt while his parents had some “couple time” in Las Vegas. On the ride down just a day ago Zander's green eyes had been filled with the excitement at the trip. But for now the excitement was replaced by a look of contentment on the boys freckled face as he rolled over revealing a Disney t-shirt adorned with Mater and Lightening McQueen from his current favourite movie "Cars". Covered by the blanket, the young boy was wearing a size 4 Pampers cruiser which had seen use while he slumbered and which was the source of the faint smell of somewhat stale urine and baby powder that hung in the air.

There is a 40” flat-panel TV in the corner of the room on a low table and a video game console beside it, with a Blue-Ray/DVD player and a digital cable recorder box on the shelf below. There are tall speakers on either side of the TV table. The floor is covered in light brown, almost tan, broadloom. The sofa, covered in dark faux leather is placed on the opposite side of the room from the TV, with a lacquered dark-wood coffee table in front of it.

As Zander laid sleeping in the TV room next door. Mandy Hasworth worked at her computer in the home office she had set up. Mandy stretched a bit as she sat the computer, brushing strands of her shoulder length brunette hair out of her green eyes, and considering what needed to be a part of her first scientific conference abstract. Living on the beach she was certainly dressed for it, wearing a blue-green Bikini with a pair of denim shorts over top and black rubber sandals with a red stripe around them. She loved living on the beach and swimming almost as much as she loved her nephew, with whom she shared a love of the water. Her love for marine life was what lead her to her calling at the Florida State University as a Lab Assistant in the Marine Biology Laboratory. It was at the Lab that she first met her neighbour whom she'd only recently started to see romantically. She is keeping an ear out to hear if her nephew needs anything.

Zander squirms under the blanket, and whines loudly, prompting her to save her work and come over to him,

“Hey there, sport. Have a good nap?” she said, squatting down beside her nephew, smiling warmly.

He rolls from side to side on his back with a soggy squish from the soaked diaper, looking very uncomfortable, “Bea' [beach] time!”

She nods and sniffs, “Sure thing! After I change your soggy bum, though,”

Zander frowns, impatiently kicking his legs under the blanket, “Bea' time, Mandy!”

She lifts the blanket away, and nods, “We will, I promise. But we need to change you into a swim diaper first. I don't want a big boy Poopy on my beach,”

Zander looks at the TV.

She follows his gaze, “Want something on?”

Zander nods, “Spon' 'ob![Sponge Bob]”

She nods, standing up, “What's the magic words, mister?”

Zander grins, “Pwease!”

She nods, getting out the DVD, “And?”

Zander nods, “'ank 'ou, Mandy!”

She gets the DVD started, “Now, let's get you changed. I'll be right back,”

Zander ignores her, watching the TV.

She gets a disposable swim diaper, the baby wipes, his water wings, and the bottle of sun-block, “Here we go, little guy,” She untapped Zander's diaper and starts pulling it open, giving him a moment for any last minute wetting caused by the cool air touching his wet skin.

Zander doesn't disappoint, and she can feel the pee hitting the inside of the diaper, she smiles, “At least you won't get any on me, eh, squirt?”

Zander giggles, and blushes. “I go pee-pee?”

She nods, “Yep, but that's OK, eh, little guy. At least you know you've done it,”

Zander nods, “Big boy!”

She nods, “You're getting bigger every-time you visit!”

Zander grins and parts his legs.

She smiles, opening the diaper all the way, and glancing under his bum, “Good boy. No poo-poo,”

Zander grins, pointing at himself, “Me big boy!”

She nods, as she raises his bum, holding him up by his legs, gently grasping his ankles, “Yep!” She starts washing the pee away from his bottom. She pulls the diaper out form under his raised bottom, then lowers his bottom on to the change pad. She parts his legs and starts wiping his front clean, “That's better huh?”

Zander nods, while she opens up the swim diaper, “Feet in, big boy,”

She smiles while her nephew gets his feet in through the leg holes, and she pulls his swim diaper up over his knees, “Can you get your bum up for me, big boy?”

Zander puts his feet down on the change pad, and grunts softly, as he raises his bum.

She smiles, “That's great!”

He grins, proudly, as his Aunt pulls his swim diaper up his thighs, and over his bum and privates.

She nods, “Bum down, and sit up, big boy,”

He lowers his bum and stands up on the change pad.

She smiles, “You really want to go, don'tcha?”

He nods, and skips about on the change pad, which shifts a little with each step.

She frowns and sharply points at him then at his feet, “Hey! Careful on the change pad!” She grabs his hands, and stares into his eye's sternly, “You could fall and hurt yourself, Zander,” she shakes her head, “Don't do that,”

He frowns and looks down at the floor, “No bea'?”

She sighs, and hugs him, “We can go out on the beach, but you do as I say, right?”

He nods solemnly.

Mandy smiles, “That's good, Zander,” she gives her nephew's back a rub and his bottom a love pat, “Arms up, kiddo,”

He raises his arms up over his head.

She lifts his shirt up, and lifts it off over his head,

“There we go. Now we need to put some fresh sunblock on you,” she said, picking up the bottle of sun block

Zander frowns, not sure he's really going to like the feeling of lotions on his skin.

She nods, “Got to make sure you don't get a sunburn!”

He shakes his head, but parts his legs and holds his arms out in front.

She pours out some sunblock into her hand, “Good boy,” and starts rubbing it along his bare arms, and on his face.

He squirms a little as she rubs the sunblock into his arms

“OK?” she said, tilting her head to one side.

He looks uncertain, then nods, “Uh-huh! Bea' time!”

She nods, pours out some more sunblock, “Soon, little man, soon. Part your legs, please,”

He grins, and parts his legs, putting his hands on her shoulders.

She starts rubbing sunblock into his legs.

He squirms and giggles, “Done now?”

She nods, and grabs his water wings, “Now we need to get your water wings on. Arms out!”

Zander grins, and sticks his arms out to his sides, while his aunt gets one of the water wings and slides it on one of his arms, past the elbow, and starts blowing it up with gentle puffs into the mouth piece. Zander watches as the water wing inflates around his upper arm, “Done?”

She holds up a finger for a second, while she finishes inflating the water wing, then stops blowing, “Done that one,” She closes the plug on the air valve and pushes it down into the water wing, “Now for the next one,”

He nods, evidently excited, but being sure not to skip from foot to foot, so he can go out and play on the beach.

She nods, getting the other water-wing, being understanding of his excitement, “I know! I know! It won't be long now,”

He stands there as she repeats the same activities with the second water-wing that she did on the first.

She smiles, “You ready to go out?”

“Yeah!” He nods excitedly and scampers for the sliding door to the beach-front deck, “C'mon!”

Mandy nods, “I'm right behind you, Zander,” She stops and lifts the rubberized lid off the heavy container by the sliding door, and pulls out the deflated beach ball, the plastic pail and the toy shovel, “Just getting you stuff to play with,”

He grins, watching her, “'each! 'each!”

She nods, finally, pulling out his beach towel, “I got everything here,” she unlocks the sliding door and pushes it open, then steamy, humid, and salty air rushes in, “Boy, it sure is warm out, huh?”

He frowns and nods, skipping through the open door.

She steps out behind her nephew, and slides the door closed, then drops her shorts, steps out of them, and leaves them on a deck lounger. She heads for the steps down onto the sand, “Take my hand, Zander,”

He takes her hand and she leads him down the steps.

She smiles, reaching the soft sand, and watches her nephew scamper down the steps. He grins up at her, “This gonna be fun!”

She nods, “Uh-huh. You want to go for a swim now?”

He nods back, “Yeah!”

She smiles and leads him down the beach toward the gently lapping water, the waves gently rolling in and the gentle warm breeze coming off the Gulf gently blowing her shoulder-length hair back, “Do you want your goggles? You don't have to put your face in if you don't want to,”

Zander frowns and shakes his head, “Me big boy!”

Mandy grins, “Oh, that's great! You don't mind putting your face in?”

He shakes his head, “Uh-uh!”

She gave him a cuddle as they reached the smooth damp sand, smiling down at him warmly, “OK, Zander! That's something your mommy didn't tell me!”

He shrugs, “The sand's nice and cool here!” he waves his hand back over his shoulder, “That sand's hot!”

She nods, “That's 'cause the Sun has been shinning down on it all day,”

He nods, his feet leaving depressions in the sand behind him, as he walks toward the gently lapping water.

She stops, “Want me to pick you up, sweetie?”

He stops and turns back to her, the water splashing over his feet, “Uh-huh! Pwease!” he holds his hands up.

She squats down and picks him up, holding him on her hip, with one hand under his bottom, “Ready to swim!?”

He nods excitedly, “Yeah!”

She carries him into the warm water, up to her hip, and then she lowers herself into the water, watching her nephew's reaction, “OK?”

He nods, giggling as his middle was soaked in the warm salty water, “Feels nice, Auntie!”

She nods, kneeling on the bottom of the shore, the water now up to her nephew's shoulders, “Still OK?”

He nods again.

She grins, “Can I let go?”

He gives her a sigh and sidelong glance, “Okay...,”

She releases her embrace, and he floats free of her, squealing with excitement, “You're swimming, Zander!”

He grins widely, gently moving his arms in the water, to swim toward her.

“Hello, there! Is that you, Amanda?” a man's voice could be heard calling from the house next to hers.

She looks up, “Oh, Joel! Hey there! I'm just babysitting my nephew! Come on over!”

“Ah, OK! I'll be there in a second then!” Joel Claskin says, trying to hide his sudden sheepishness.

She nodded, taking one of Zander's hands so he didn't float away, “OK! See ya soon!”

Zander looks confused, “Who's that, Auntie Mandy?”

She smiled down at her nephew, “It's a good friend of mine,”

Joel Claskin, has curly brown hair and brown eye's. He's wearing grey swim-trunks and a pair of sneakers, “Oh, hey! Who's the little fella with ya, Amanda?”

She smiled at her boyfriend, “This, Joel, is my nephew Zander. He's my older sister's boy,”

Joel grins and waves to Zander, “Can I join ya?”

Zander shrugs and blushes at his aunt.

She strokes her nephew's back, “It's OK, Zander,”

He nods, “OK!”

Joel kicks his sneakers off, and jogs down the beach toward the water, wearing just his swim trunks, “Thanks!”

Zander giggles, not thinking he'd given him permission, or having any idea he could do it.

Mandy watches her boyfriend heading for the water, she shakes her head gently teasing her nephew, “Someones almost got as much energy as you do!”

Zander shrugs, “Oh, OK,” he looks shy.

She smiles at her nephew, “It's OK,”

Zander looks with surprise as Joel dives into the water, and seemingly swims underwater and comes up on the other side of Mandy.

She turns her head to see what's shocked her nephew then smiles seeing Joel surface beside her, “Oh, hello there!”

Joel tilts his head to one side, looking a little sheepish, “Sorry, did I surprise someone?” he had heard from his girlfriend how much her nephew meant to her, and didn't want to do anything to upset the boy. He worried that he had.

She smiled, “Nah, he'll be OK. Won't ya?”

Zander swam up to his Aunt, and hugs her tight around the neck, looking shy.

She smiles warmly, holding her nephew on her hip, tilting her head on Joel' direction, “You're gonna be OK. He's a good friend of mine. He's OK, Zander....,” she turned back to her boyfriend, “Someone 's just shy,”

Joel nods, backing off a bit, “That's OK Does he like sports?” Joel asked.

She smiles at her nephew, “Zander?”

Zander nods, “Catch!”

She smiles at Joel, “I've got a deflated beach ball up on my deck. Why don't you go get it?”

Joel nods, “Sounds like fun!” Joel swims up to the beach and gets out of the water and heads up to Mandy's back deck. He finds the beach ball, and heads back down the steps as he starts inflating it on his way back, “Want to play with it out here or in the water?”

Zander reaches toward the shore, “There!”

She nods, “OK, boys. Joel, I'll just take my nephew and put a diaper on him before we start playing,”

Joel nods, “Oh, OK,” He hadn't really noticed the swim diaper her sister's boy had been wearing.

“OK, honey?” she asked her nephew with a smile.

Zander shrugs, not really thinking much about it.

She gives her nephew's bottom a reassuring love pat, “Oh, he needs a change anyhow,”

Joel notices Zander's swim diaper, “Want me to get it?”

Mandy nods, “OK. His stuff is kept in the ground floor bathroom. Can you get a diaper for me?”

Joel nods, “OK, isn't he a little old?”

Zander looks uncomfortably to his Aunt.

Mandy sighs, looking past her nephew, “Joel, wipes, powder and a diaper, please. I've got a messy clean up to do,”

Joel hears the tone of her voice and heads into the house.

Mandy smiles, carrying her nephew up the beach, “It's OK, Zander, you'll be cleaned up soon,”

“He play still?”he frowns at his Aunt, feeling uncertain about her boyfriend.

She nodded at her nephew, “I'm sure he'll still play with you,”

He squirmed nervously, as his Aunt set him down on the warm dry sand, and she laid out his beach towel, “Lay down, Zander,”

Just then, Joel came out carrying the requested supplies, and scampered down the steps, “I didn't see any Pull-Ups big guy, just these baby diapers,”

Mandy quickly frowns up at Joel, putting a finger to her lips, “Thank you for getting the things I asked for,”

Joel nods, and steps back, not want ting to be too close, while things were taken care of, “Sorry, Mandy. But how old did you say he was?”

Mandy nods, tearing the sides of the swim diaper open, “He's three, Joel,”

Joel nods, “That's what I thought you said,”

She nods again, lifting the front of the used swim diaper from his middle, noticing he's not peeing again. She parts his legs and folds the front down, she pulls the used swim-diaper out from between his legs and starts cleaning his bum, “Joel, I'm sorry honey, but you're sounding almost as bad as he seven year old cousin,”

Joel blushes and sighs, “Sorry, Zander. Mandy, can I ask you about this later?”

Mandy sighs, almost finished the clean up, “Yeah, sure we can. I guess I'm throwing this in your lap kinda,” she looks back over her shoulder, “Sorry about that. I promise, we'll talk tonight after he's been put to bed,”

Joel nods, “Yeah, I'm sorry too. Sure thing,”

Zander grins, “Ball soon?”

Mandy nods, smiling warmly down at her nephew, “Sure we can play ball on the beach here,”

Joel gently tosses the ball up in the air and does his best Harlem Globetrotters impression.

Zander grins, seeing the tricks Joel can do with the beach ball, before he drops it, “Oops! Try that again!” Zander claps, “That's neat!”

Mandy gently puts a hand on Zander's belly, “Stop squirming, Zander,”

Zander frowns up at Mandy, “Sorry, Aunt Mandy,”

“That's better,” She nods, taking her hand from his belly, unfolds a fresh diaper, and raises his bum with a hand around his ankles, then slides the fresh diaper under his bum

“Can I get some shorts for your nephew?”

She nods, glancing back over her shoulder, “Yeah, they're in the suitcase in the TV room, can you get mine from the deck on your way back, too?” she turns back to her nephew, “Want something to cover your potty pants?”

Joel nods, “Sure, I guess we're not going back to the water then,”

She shakes her head, “Probably not, hon',”

Zander glances at Joel and nods at Mandy.

Joel nods, and heads indoors, “Be right back,”

Zander frowns up at Mandy, sticking his chin out defiantly, “He a poo-poo-head!”

Mandy frowns at her nephew, “Alexander! Excuse, me!? What did you just say!?”

Zander frown and crosses his arms, “He is!”

She sighs, “I don't want to hear potty talk like that from you ever again. I know your mommy and daddy would never let you talk that way, ever,”

He whines, squirming from side to side on the open diaper.

“Do I have to smack your bum, Alexander?”

He puts his hands on his bum, whimpering, “No, pwease!”

She sighs, “Are you sorry for what you called my best friend?”

He nods, “Uh-huh, I sowwy, Auntie Mandy!”

She nodded, just as Joel came back out with a pair of toddler-sized tan coloured cargo shorts in one hand and his girlfriend's denim shorts in the other, “Did I miss something?” Joel asked

She shook her head, “No, you didn't, Joel. Just set those shorts down on the beach-towel, OK? He's almost fixed up. Then I'll get dressed myself,”

Joel set the shorts down where directed, while Mandy lightly powdered Zander, then she rubbed it in and snugly taped the diaper closed, “All done,” she said simply.

Zander smiles up at her while she gets the shorts and slips them on over his feet, then he puts his feet down on the beach towel and lifts his bum, but feels the towel slipping over the sand under his feet, “Quick, Auntie!”

She nods, as she pulls the shorts up over his diaper clad bottom, “Ready to play catch, Zander?”

Zander lowers his bum then stands up quickly, “Yeah! Ball time! Friend too?”

She nods, “If he wants to join us,” she then glances at Joel meaningfully, while she pulls her shorts on over her Bikini bottom.

Joel smiles, “Sure, big guy. I'd love to play ball with you and your Aunt Mandy,”

She smiles at Joel, happy to see him accepting her nephew as he is, and her nephew having forgiven his comments which drove the little boy's negative reaction earlier. She knew Joel and her probably had some things to discuss about her nephew, of course, but that could wait until later, when the boy wasn't present.

Zander grins, hopping from one foot to another, “Yea! Let's go!”

Joel runs out onto and down the beach and turns around, hollering, “Ready!?”

Zander nods, holding his hands out, “Yeah! Throw!”

Mandy stands beside but apart from her nephew, as Joel gives the ball a gentle underhand toss to Zander, “Catch!”

Zander squeals with delight as the ball lands at his feet, and he picks it up.

Mandy turns to her nephew, “Throw to me, Zander! Quick!”

He quickly turns and tosses the ball to his Aunt, but over hand, like tossing a basket ball into the hoop.

The ball lands between them, he frowns at the beach ball as it sits there.

“Good try, honey!” she enthuses as she scoots out to scoop it up, before returning to her place to throw the ball to Joel, “You'll get it soon, I know that!”

Zander smiles weakly at his Aunt, “OK...,”

The ball gets tossed between the three of them several more times, before Zander looses interest, and he just sits on the sand, with his knees up and his head resting on them.

Mandy puts a hand up, and goes to her nephew, squatting down beside him she puts a hand on his shoulder, “You alright, little one?”

Zander just shakes his head silently.

She nodded, “You aren't having much fun with this game, are you? You tried really hard, though. I'm proud of you for that,”

Zander blubbers softly into his aunt's shoulder.

Mandy stroked his back tenderly, taking him in her arms, “You did a good job catching the ball when it was thrown to you,”

Joel watches her, seeing how she looks after her nephew, and wondering what sort of mother she would be. Would he want to raise a family with her?

Mandy glances back over her shoulder, “I think the heat's getting to him. Think it's almost time for dinner anyhow. Want to join us, Joel?”

He nods, “Oh, sure. What are we having?”

Mandy grins, “Potato, and pasta salads, cold meats and bread sound good?”

He nods, “Sure does!”

Zander blushes, “Salads, Auntie?”

Mandy nods at her nephew, “Sounds good, huh?”

Zander frowns, “No, I want chocolate pudding!”

Mandy nods, “How about you can have chocolate pudding if you have all of your salad?”

He groans, “Do I have to?”

She shrugs, “If you want your chocolate pudding, Zander,”

He frowns, “OK, I try them,”

She smiles, “That's good, big boy,”

He rests his head on his aunt's shoulder.

Joel heads past Mandy and waits to open the sliding door.

“Thanks, Joel,” she said, carrying her nephew up the steps.

He nods, and pulls the sliding door open when she gets to it.

She carried her nephew into her house, and sets him down on his feet, “OK, Zander. You can go play,”

Zander scampers for his toys, climbing on the couch, “TV game?”

She sighs, “Just keep the noise down, Zander,” She turns on the video game system, the TV, and puts the DVD of simple games into the video game system. She holds one of the controllers, “Here you go, Zander,”

He grins, taking the controller, “Thanks, Auntie!”

“You're welcome, sweetie,” she tousles his hair gently, then she heads for the kitchen, beckoning Joel to follow her, “He's distracted, you want to talk?”

Joel follows her to the kitchen, nodding, “I guess, if you want to talk about things now, we could,”

She nods, “He'll be distracted for a long enough,”

He leans against the kitchen counter, “OK, what's going on with your nephew,”

She gets out a head of lettuce, carrots and eggs, “Two words: Nerve damage,”

He nods, “Oh,”

She starts breaking apart the lettuce on the cutting board, “Can you get the salad bowl from the dishwasher?”

He opens the dishwasher and pulls out the glass bowl, “Here we are. Can you tell me more about your nephew?”

She nodded, “Just leave it on the counter for me... Zander developed an infection that damaged his nerves. His legs came back, but apparently his control over his wetting and messing couldn't really develop,”

He did as she asked him to, “Poor kid. Anything else you want out?”

She nods, “Poor mom and dad. One of those things that you hope will end sooner rather than later, probably isn't going to. Get the sliced meats out of the refrigerator, hon',”

He nodded, getting things out, “Sliced ham, roast beef, and chicken. Looks good!”

She smiled, “Thought it'd make for variety,”

He grins, “Sounds like a good idea,”

She tossed bits of lettuce into the glass bowl, then gets out the carrots, celery, and salad dressing, “Ranch sound OK?”

He shrugs, “Sure, sounds like a good choice,”

She starts chopping up carrots and celery, and tossing them into the bowl.

He watches her make the salad, “Where is there a platter for the meat?”

She glances down, then opens one of the cupboards under the counter, “It's in here, Joel,”

He nods and pulls out the wood platter with a metal handle on each end, “I'll just leave this right here for you. Anything else I can do?”

“Get out some milk for Zander, and we can split a beer?” she starts laying the sliced meats on the platter.

He nods, “Sure. What does your nephew drink out of?”

“A plastic cup should do for him,”

He nods, and opens a cupboard over the counter, and pulls out a clear plastic cup with Mickey Mouse on it, “There's even as a cover for it. Think it'll do?”

She nods, “Perfect,”

He smiles, “What do you want for us?”

She points at the fridge, “I've got some imported stuff in the fridge,”

He nods, and opens the fridge, pulling out a bottle of beer, and the milk.

She heads for the TV room, “Zander, it's supper-time, kiddo. Come and sit down,”

Zander stands up, from the couch and frowns, “I'm playing my game!”

She shakes her head, “I'm sure you're hungry, Zander,”

Joel brings things out of the kitchen, and places them on the table, “Almost ready, Amanda,”

She comes over and holds her arms out, “Can you stop your game, hon. It's supper time,”

Zander sighs and puts the controller down, then saunters over to her, and she picks him up, and carries him on her hip to the dinning table, “Pull out his chair, please, Joel. It's the one with the booster seat on it,”

Joel nodded, pulling out the chair she requested. Zander whines as he's set down in it.

She sighs, “What's the matter, Zan'?”

“No Veggies!” Zander frowns at what's on the table.

She shakes her head, trying not to make a big deal of things, “You're gonna have some of them,”

He whines as she puts things on his plate for him, and cuts up the meat slices.

She puts the plate and he supper cup in front of him, then sits down, Well, sit down Joel, and eat up,”

Zander picks at the meat.

She ignores her nephew, holding the plastic tub of potato salad, “Joel?”

He nods and takes the plastic tub, doling out some food onto his plate, “Looks good,”

Mandy nods, and is largely ignored by her nephew.

After a some time, dinner was finished.

Zander smiles up at his Aunt, “Pudding?”

She nodded, “Yeah, you did really good having all your salad, kiddo,”

He grins, “It was good!”

She smiles, scooping a pudding-tub-full of chocolate pudding into a plastic bowl, and getting out a spoon.

Joel carries his and Zander's plates into the kitchen, “What do you want for desert, Mandy?”

She smiles at her boyfriend, “Yogurt sounds good, you?”

He nods,”Sounds good to me too. What do we do after supper?”

She gets out two shallow glass bowls for their deserts, “Movie time?”

“Yeah!” Zander cheers from the table.

She smiles at her boyfriend, “Well, sounds like we've got a plan then,”

He sighs, “When does your nephew go to bed?”

“Seven-thirty,” she said, opening a large tub of yogurt, and doling it out into the glass bowls.

He looks at his watch “Almost two hours...,”

She raises an eyebrow, putting down the plastic bowl and spoon in front of Zander, “You impatient to do something, Joel?” she tousles Zander's hair, then gives him a kiss on the head, “Eat up, honey,”

Zander digs in, ignoring the discussion around him.

Joel sets out their bowls down and sits down at his place, and starts eating, “What movie we watching, Zander?”

Mandy sits down at her place, and watches her nephew, to see what he'll say, then she looks at her boyfriend warily, knowing which movie her nephew will most likely choose.

Zander grins at Joel, “Cars!” Zander cheers.

Mandy nods, knowing before he even answered, what he'd say.

Joel smiles, “Sounds like fun,”

She smiles as she continues eating her yogurt, “It's currently his fave,”

Joel nodded, “I noticed the T-shirt in the TV room,”

She nodded, “Yep, at least it's easy to guess what he' interested in seeing,”

He laughs a little, “Nothing wrong with that, Zander,”

Zander grins, and tries to push his seat back, but can't.

She sees what her nephew is trying to do and quickly gets up and pulls his seat back, Want to go to the TV room, Zander? We'll be there real soon,”

He nods excitedly, holding his arms up, so his Aunt can pick him up.

She picks her nephew up and pats his bottom, feeling a lump forming in the seat of his shorts, “I think we'll be back in a second, Joel,”

Joel nods, “Want me to get the movie set up?”

She shakes her head, “Actually, on second thought, we're going there now and you might want to give us a few minutes alone. We'll see you there in a little while?. I'll let you know when,”

He nods, quickly getting the picture, “OK, I'll start doing dishes then,”

She smiles, “Oh, thank you! That'd be a big help,”

He nods and shrugs, “No problem, you've got something you've gotta do now, so I'm glad to help out,”

“Think I might get him ready for bed while I'm at it,” she says.

Zander whines softly, hearing that, as he's carried off to the TV room, “Sun's still up!”

Mandy shakes her head, “He won't be for long. Besides, I said getting you ready for bed, not putting you to bed, yet. We still have a movie to watch, right?”

The little boy nods, “Uh-huh! Cars!”

She lays him down on the change pad and then starts pulling his shorts down toward his feet, “But I am going to get you ready for bed now, Zander,”

He sighs, looking up at the TV, seemingly ignoring his aunt, “OK, Auntie Mandy,”

She gets out a fresh diaper, the wipes and the baby powder then kneels down at his side again, “Let's get you fixed up, eh!?”

He nods, as she tears off the tapes, and opens the diaper, giving her nephew one last chance to wet it, which he doesn't take, “You're soaked and messy, Zander! You had a flood!”

Zander blushes, giving his Aunt a sidelong glance, “But I was comfy, Mandy!”

She shakes her head, “You wouldn't have stayed that way though,”

Zander ignores her last comment as she pulls his shorts right off his feet, pushes the front of the diaper down between his legs, and lifts his bottom, and starts cleaning it with the soaked front of the diaper,

“You sure know how to make a messy in your pants,”

Zander whines while he's being cleaned up.

She smiles warmly, replacing his diaper, “I know it isn't your fault, Zander. I'm not mad with ya,”

Zander grins up at her between his legs.

She smiles, and lightly powders him, then rubs it into his skin gently, “Well, that's done,”

Zander parts his legs and his Aunt brings the diaper up between them and tapes the diaper closed, “I'd say you're all set for a movie!”

Zander grins and scampers over to the couch, and climbs up on it, while Mandy cleans up, “You can come in, Joel!”, She calls.

Joel joins them, “OK...,”

She gets the movie out, and puts it in the DVD player, then starts it and joins “her boys” on the couch, “Want some lap time, Zander?” she pats her thighs.

Zander blushes, but thinks for a moment and then climbs into her lap, and she puts her arms around him, “That's my nephew...,” she says, smiling down at him warmly.

Joel puts an arm around Mandy's shoulders, and gives her a quick peck on the cheek.

She snuggles into Joel' shoulder, “Thanks,”

The three of them watch the movie, but it's mostly to entertain Zander.

Zander is becoming drowsier as the movie plays on the TV.

She gently rocks him on her lap, softly singing “Kumbiya” in his ear.

Zander turns on he lap, and buries his face in her breast.

She whispers to Joel, “I think someone's done here...,”

Joel looks at Zander and nods, “OK. Sleep tight, little fella,”

Zander smiles sleepily at Joel, “Nighty-nite, Joel,”

She smiles down at her nephew, “Let's get you to bed, little one,”

Zander whimpers softly.

She picks Zander up in her arms and places him on her hip as she stands up, “You'll see him again, I'm sure,”

Joel nods, “You going to be into work tomorrow?”

She nods back over her shoulder, “Of course, and I hope the ladies at the Campus ECE Lab don't mind me dropping Zander with them,”

Joel looks uncertain, “You did check with the Head of the Lab school right?”

Zander whines sleepily

She nods, “I did before accepting my sister's request to take Zander for the week,”

Joel nods, “Where's he sleeping?”

She heads for the hall past the TV room, “At night he sleeps in the guest bedroom,”

Joel nods, “Ah, OK,”

She nods back, “Why don't you get our bed ready? I'm feeling pretty wiped out after keeping up with Mr Non-Stop here,” She gives Zander a gentle tickle on his belly.

Zander squirms and giggles, resting his head on her shoulder drowsily.

Joel stands up, “I'll quickly head over to my place and get some things for the night, while you put your nephew to bed,”

She nods, “Fair enough, but remember I'm a good girl,” grins warmly.

Joel sighs, “I'm not ready for that kind of thing either, Mandy,”

She nods, “OK, get your bedtime stuff, and I'll go get this little one to bed first, then get myself ready for bed too,”

Joel nods, joining her in the hallway, “OK, see you soon,”

She nods, and heads in the opposite direction down the hall, and carries Zander into the guest bedroom, “Well, it's time for beddy-byes,”

Zander nods, sleepily.

Joel can be heard heading out the front door of Mandy's beach house.

She pulls back the sheets on the bed, and laid Zander down on the waterproof bed pad, “Comfy?”

Zander nods, “Uh-huh. I didn't go potty all movie!”

She smiles, pulling the sheets up and tucking him in, “That's good. That means you don't need a change now, huh?” She knew he had gone to the bathroom while watching the movie, but guessed it wasn't much, so it could be left until the morning, when he would definitely need a change after a night's worth of output.

Zander curls up under the sheets, “Hugs and kisses?”

Mandy sits down on the edge of he bed and gives her nephew a hug an a kiss, “Good night, little one,”

He returns her hug and kiss then snuggles down in bed, and closes his eye's.

She gently strokes his back, softly singing him to sleep.

He goes limp, falling fast asleep.

She gets up and closes the blind on the window, then heads out, leaving the room in darkness except for the night light Zander brought from home.


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You should write more stories, you're awesome with younger characters, especially in this one.