Your Wardrobe, Then And Now...

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Here's something that might be fun, compare your childhood wardrobe (4-9 years old), with your AB/DL wardrobe

Me, 5 Years Old...
Shoes: Red Vans
Shirts: Striped Polo Shirts (Various Makes)
Pants: Dark Colored Sweatpants (Usally Old-Navy)
Underware: Black Old-Navy Boxer Shorts
Socks: Hanes White Youth Socks
Accessories: None

Me, Today (BF Mode, All Worn Over My Suit)
Shoes: Usally None
Shirts: Striped Polo Shirts (Still Various Makes)
Pants: None
Underware: Blue Cloth AIO Diaper
Socks: None
Accessories: Nukkie, Toys, Plushie
Well yeah, interesting question. Come to think of it...not that different I still wear a lot of cartoon printed tees and just jeans or sweats. I think it's so cool that kid style tees are fashionable for grown ups....that means there's something little I can wear without getting weird looks... Oh and I love my red vans too.
While I generally wear a suit to the office, my public casual clothing now is a lot like when I was ten in the 1960s: blue jeans, white or colored pocket t-shirts, or striped t-shirts, double seated white or colored briefs , sneakers, maybe a hooded sweatshirt . Check out the kids in the movie "Stand By ME." My private "little" clothing today, is pretty close to my 2 year wardrobe in family photos from he late 1950s: cloth diapers and milky white or pastel colored plastic pants, rompers, sleepers, overalls and shortalls, t-shirts with juvenile designs.
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I was five in 1986, and my parents at that point were quite poor. This means I wore an interesting mismash of late 1970s hand-me-downs from extended family. There's a picture of me somewhere when I was five or so wearing bib overalls and a flannel shirt, an outfit that would have been more in place in 1979 or so than it was in 1986.

My AB gear now is not flannel and bibs from the late '70s.
Some of mine are similar and some different. When I was a kid I wore T's and blue jeans, but corduroy was in for little boys which I wore. I wore Striderite leather shoes to school, and Keds tennis shoes when home. Tidy whities were my underwear and they still are, though most of the time I'm in my BabyPants training pants.

I wore flannel shirts and jeans as a little kid, in college and now. Of course at night I might be in a onsie and diaper, so yeah, like when I was 1.
I wore footed PJs as in-house day wear a long time, I think until 8 or 9 when I started getting embarrassed about them if guests randomly came by. Back to those now, so not much has changed.

I used to wear sweat pants a lot when I was young though, along with a t-shirt or sometimes a turtleneck. That's pretty different now, as I wear a button shirt and jeans or khakis most days now.
Hmm..I was born 1970..being in kindergarten (in sweden) our clothes were not as kid-like as they are today..back then we dressed like grown ups but with somewhat brighter colours perhaps. today I totally "freak out" with stripes and dots and animal patterns. I love kids clothes of today, they are sooo cool!!

And yes, I agree, this was an interesting question :)
i just remember wearing lots of sweat pants, Velcro shoes, and a t shirt or polo
As a kid I wore lots of T shirts, sweatpants, and tennis shoes. I actually remember the cool shoes that light up when you walk. I miss those a bunch.
Nowadays I still wear T-shirts a lot, but I've mostly been getting into wearing Dresses and other more girly clothes.
Me, 5 Years Old...
Shoes: sneakers, most likely something with Velcro since I didn't know how to tie shoe laces until I was like 7-8. Also probably something with lights when I walked
Shirts: t-shirts/polos/sweaters probably something from warner brothers, Looney tune related
Pants: I mostly wore jeans
Underware: those classic briefs with cartoons on them
Socks: don't really remember, probably hanes or fruit of the loom
Accessories: I had a ton of plushies ^^/legos

Me, Today (as a little)
Shoes: Usually None
Shirts: t-shirts with some kind of picture, onesies
Pants: cargo pants/overalls/none/footies
Underware: bambinos/xpmed A+/abena
Socks: hanes
Accessories: nuk 5 paci/plushies/legos

but if I compare childhood and now the biggest differences would be colors and pants. I used to wear more colorful clothing. Now I just tend to wear darker clothing. The blacks,grey, brown, navy, or blue clothing. Also I don't wear jeans anymore. From high school on I've only been wearing khakis and cargo pants. I find cargo pants more efficient :p
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