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Just got 4 more bags from ABU! They had large sizes in all the 2 tape diapers and those fit me best. Couldn't resist. I don't even go through 2 diapers per week. I have quite the stash now and should for a bit. But there are so many other diapers I want to try. May be buying more soon. Still yet to try Rearz barnyard, monsters, or safaris.


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I interpreted 'stash' as anything AB-related I own that I would turn 18 shades of red if anyone ever found it ('cept for the blankets... and maybe the sleepers):

For the bum:
A case of Abena X-Pluses
Half a bag of Abena Supers
A few XL Goodnites (the BMX bike ones)
3 fitted cloth diapers + 3 plastic pants that I've sewn
Flannel Spiderman and fleece (matches my sleeper) diaper covers that I made
Baby oil, powder, and wipes

Oral fixations:
3 'Nuby' brand bottles (cool design) + a couple bottle brushes
Several silicone nipples + a crazy big Nuk nipple made for kids with cleft palate
1 Nuby sippy cup
Several Nuk 3's
2 Nuk 5's

PJ's & other stuff:
2 fleece 'footed' sleepers (without feet) that I made + matching bootie-like slippers for each (bought those)
2 onesies from Babykins (on the way)
Fleece blankies + a stuffed Simba

Dang, written out this looks like way more than what's in my closet. *Shrug* guess it's to be expected after 10 years, though... When I was still living with my parents, I kept my significantly smaller stash in an old hiking backpack (locked--shocked that never drew attention, but then again my parents never had reason to go in my closet). Now I just put all my stuff in my closet. I do keep a safe (big enough for 1 pack of diapers + bottles/pacis/other really conspicuous stuff) if I go stay at my parent's place for the summer. Not sure if that's ever gonna happen again, though.
Wowsers..nice collection!


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I actually have a huge stash. A case and a half of Rearz Rebels, three bags of ABU Space diapers, some Barebum, and some First Quality. I love diapers and it shows!


3 Goodnite Bags. 2 boys style and 1 girls style
Full Box of Target L-XL pull ups
Couple Northshore Samples
1 Rearz Training underwear


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It's been a while since I have participated here and things have changed for me so I thought this was an interesting question.

What do you stock? How many do you keep? Where do you hide it?
I generally have several bags of Dry 24/7 and then something else fun. Currently I am down to a partial bag of Dry 24/7, used my last Tykables and my last Little Paws a week ago so it is time. I will be ordering a couple of cases of ABU Simple because they fit and I really like most of the ABU products (most of them are a bit too small unfortunately). In a few weeks I will also order 2 cases of Dry 24/7.

I had a couple of pacifiers, my wife made me trash them when we were dating. I have 1 missing onezie (I think it also met an untimely fate), and 2 new onezies that are hidden. I have 3 blankie sleepers (they are in the upstairs closet just in case I need one.

That also answers how many I keep. I should have around 300 diapers in a couple of weeks, but I will let that dwindle down to 2 or 3 bags (half a case or so) before I do a big order again. I find that it is easier, attracts less attention and is easier to deal with all at once.

I *hide* my stash in my den closet. Really not so much hide as it is conceal and keep out of public view. My wife knows and is fine with the diapers, although will sometimes say something when she knows I have gotten more diapers or when I decide to wear to bed. When we moved into our current home it was basically mutual consent that we placed the diaper cases in the den out of sight. She chose the bedroom closet for my blankie sleepers and even put some of my diapers and wipes in a night stand drawer (although those are downstairs now). My diaper pail is under the desk so it is easier to access in the morning (I change and shower in the downstairs bathroom so it is the next room over). I didn't want the pail in the bathroom since it is used sometimes by visitors.

I do have a bunch of plushies, one or two always hiding under my pillow and the rest are near my diaper *stash*.

It is strange that I can wear diapers and not have too much heat from them, in fact she has said she has no problem with me wearing (I am the one that is shy about wearing my diapers), but she tells me that I *don't need* the pacifier. But then I am grateful I can wear diapers when I need without too much of a problem.
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133 Crinklz (original)
14 NorthShore Supremes
15 NorthShore AirPremium
2 GaryWear Active diaper covers
2 tartan underpads

I store them in my closet and under my bed behind the bed skirt.
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I just picked up a bag each of M4s and Rearz Inspire-InControls, so my current stash is...

18 M4s
11 Inspires (not counting the one I’m wearing)
4 ATNs

Small but mighty :)


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Currently I have one near full case of Lille supreme maxis(68 out of 80), one near full case of Tena Flex maxis(55 out of 66), 27 depends fitted maximum briefs and 15 old style goodnites for a total of 165 diapers.
how do you like the lille supreme fit maxi?


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One pack of super dry kids diaper and 2 pack tykables overnight diaper stashed behind a false wall in bedroom closet


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One and a half cases of bianco ultra stretch and a dresser full of cloth prefolds from babykins and a drawer full of tuffy plastic pants from babykins also


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I keep everything in my second (hers) walk-in closet, since I am still single. And some supplies and pacis in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I keep the bottles in the kitchen cabinet, but they are obscured in case I have house guests.

4 x 10 NS MegaMax Size M case
1 NS MegaMax Size S sample
3 x 15 BetterDry Size M case
3 loose BetterDry Size M
1 x 14 Abena M4 case
7 loose Abena M4
3 loose Crinklz Astronaut Size M
1 NS Supreme Size M sample
2 NS Supreme Lite Size M blu/grn sample
2 loose Tena Super Size M
1 NS Small booster sample
1 Bag of Pampers Cruisers, for scent reasons, but this didn’t workout. So I took one of the diapers and put it on my bear so we can be buds. Will probably donate the rest.

1 x NS Onesie / Diaper Suit

3 x LFB Adult Pacifier
2 x NUK 18+ months Pacifier
2 x MAM 6+ months Pacifier

Baby Bottles:
1 x Playtex Baby
1 x Nuby

1 x Pampers Baby Wipes
2 x Publix Scented Baby Wipes
2 x NS Large Wipes sample
1 x Large Johnson’s Baby Powder talc
1 x Travel Size Johnson’s Baby Powder talc
2 x Large Johnson’s Baby Oil
1 x Travel Size Johnson’s Baby Oil
1 x Desitin