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Most AB/DLs have a stash.

So... tell us about yours!

What do you stock? How many do you keep? Where do you hide it?
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I have...

1 rubbermade dresser with all 3 drawers of Tranquilitie overnight pulls,
1 dresser (same) of Dry 24/7
and 2-3 cases of each sitting on my top shelf in my closet. (total one case each)
3 cloths in a drawer in the clothes dresser.


1/4th of the full size dresser of attends
2 packs in top of closet (total none case)
1/4th of the dresser secures
2-3 cases in closet (total one case)

This dose not count the odd trial pack here and there, or the walgreens I have.
Also he has a stash of Cloties in the dresser as well.
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When I had to hide them, I use to hide them in the drop ceiling of my basement. Now I don't have to hide them so I have one whole dresser drawer full of diapers and supplies.
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Last count, I've got 5 Molicare Supers and 13 Abri-Form XPlus's.
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I have 8 or 9 each of boys L/XL GoodNites and CVS sleep pants and almost a full package of Depends Maximum Protection. I did keep them all in a backpack that I don't use under my bed, but since I bought that pack of Depends, it doesn't fit under my bed. So I put them in the top of my closet.
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Currently I have one near full case of Lille supreme maxis(68 out of 80), one near full case of Tena Flex maxis(55 out of 66), 27 depends fitted maximum briefs and 15 old style goodnites for a total of 165 diapers.
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I have few securesX+, and a few pull-ups, and some underjams I haven't tried yet, and 2 packs and about another half pack of Assurance.

I like to have at least a pack of 20 on hand.
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I only ever buy one pack at a time. Currently I have about 6 underjams left out of a 13 pack, and I keep them in an empty box on the top shelve of my closet.
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I have about 5 or so CVS diapers left...They are in one of my dresser drawers...They can easily be found if someone just opened it...
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12ish left in the deep back of my closet in an athletic bag.
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I have five or so Bambinos, still in the bag and box, sitting behind my bed for now... and half a bag of Poise panties at the bottom of a christmas bag, covered by my plastic pants, onesies, and stuff. XD;
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A few diapers (running out)
2 pacifiers
A baby bottle
A night gown thing
There might be some unimportant stuff mixed in though.
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I interpreted 'stash' as anything AB-related I own that I would turn 18 shades of red if anyone ever found it ('cept for the blankets... and maybe the sleepers):

For the bum:
A case of Abena X-Pluses
Half a bag of Abena Supers
A few XL Goodnites (the BMX bike ones)
3 fitted cloth diapers + 3 plastic pants that I've sewn
Flannel Spiderman and fleece (matches my sleeper) diaper covers that I made
Baby oil, powder, and wipes

Oral fixations:
3 'Nuby' brand bottles (cool design) + a couple bottle brushes
Several silicone nipples + a crazy big Nuk nipple made for kids with cleft palate
1 Nuby sippy cup
Several Nuk 3's
2 Nuk 5's

PJ's & other stuff:
2 fleece 'footed' sleepers (without feet) that I made + matching bootie-like slippers for each (bought those)
2 onesies from Babykins (on the way)
Fleece blankies + a stuffed Simba

Dang, written out this looks like way more than what's in my closet. *Shrug* guess it's to be expected after 10 years, though... When I was still living with my parents, I kept my significantly smaller stash in an old hiking backpack (locked--shocked that never drew attention, but then again my parents never had reason to go in my closet). Now I just put all my stuff in my closet. I do keep a safe (big enough for 1 pack of diapers + bottles/pacis/other really conspicuous stuff) if I go stay at my parent's place for the summer. Not sure if that's ever gonna happen again, though.
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just ran out yesteday D:
but i have a frog blanket.
had a few bambino "baby"s, but they are gone as of yesterday (this morning)
a nuk 5
a footed sleeper with trapdoor XD
and a few plushies that i sleep with every night
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I have...

*12 Pampers Easy-ups size 6
*38 Pampers Cruisers Size 6
*1 Depends Fitted Max. Protection
*1 CVS Diaper, pull-up style

for a total of 52 diapers. I don't have any other baby items.
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I had a stash of like, 5 Goodnites and 5 Underjams. However I recently binge-purged my stash (and thank god I did) when my parents surprisingly remodeled my room.
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I don't have very much stuff just a few things.

a bag of L/XL under jams!
2 pacis
2 sippy cups
my carebare blankie
plenty of stuffed animals
play dough and Lego's (regular and the ones 4 ages 1-3)
Clothes from limited too that i can still wear.
random toys
and just some other things like soap etc.
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Seeing as I rely on homemade diapers, My diapers are stored as their individual parts, paper towels and plastic bags on the (enclosed) back porch, and a variety of tape in my desk drawer in my room.

My pacifiers are hidden under the sheet on on the side of my bed (I have top on a bunk bed).
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I have too many baby items to name, but for diapers I still got a pack and a half of molicares left, and half a pack of assurances ^^
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