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Your role (how u feel inside)

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Little
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This poll is to see the percentage of the different roles in our community. U can choose more than 1.
What does AB switch mean?
KittyninjaW said:
What does AB switch mean?

It means you're all wired up! Like a brilliant spark.
Hee, hee.

It actually means you can switch between being a sub to a Dom and back. It a bit like not knowing what you are. One thing or the other. Hummm remind you of any one.

Hee, hee.

Sorry that was mean but couldn't resist.

Just looked at ur post ninja sorry it means u could play either role like mommy or baby.
As with gender how I identify is fluid and not fixed. I am currently AB LG dress diaper wearing. Later today I will be in leggings OTK boots tunic top...
Sisi u silly i just got ir comment. Lol. Huggles
I'm a total Switch , and i like the idea of Sister or Teen Baby-Sitter more than to one of mommy ^-^ . In my little Identity I don't identify as baby but most as Little, i'm to sassy for a baby xD
I'm more of a middle I guess, and there's no option for voting that. I'm a big boy, around 9-12 years old. The big brother option is there, but that's definitely not me.
I'm more of a Adult Baby than a Diaper Lover. But I love them both.
I am ab but i do say little alot....huggles
I can see by this poll, we are diversified in this community. Huggles
This pole has seemed to be dormant lets get ball going again. I just had wrist surgery and i have been into baby mode deep but unable to indulge myself except for at night
OMG. I am a 23.53% minority!! :)
Hoo-wee! Lookit all the littles compared to the bigs! That being said, I guess that is to be expected considering, heh ^^;

Needless to say, I'm a pretty solid Babygirl myself. As much as I wish (and as much as I've been asked to) I just can't see myself being a mommy~
:D he he all us little ones and some just babies
Good poll. I chose Ab (lil girl) which, I assume, includes 'baby girl'. I regress to 'infant' and 'little girl'. My infant doesn't wear dresses and is largely gender-less except for liking everything pink. My 'little girl' is around preschool age, loves dresses and anything pink.

The pole results so far are interesting in that about 1/3 rd of the Ab's identify as 'lil girl'. I thought the number was much smaller based on the very small numbers typically 'viewing' the 'Sissy / Girls' forum.
It's fascinating to see the lines. I wish there were some Big Sisters. I really want a big sister.
I'm a Daddy, My boy is more of a little boy than an AB, I would say he closer to being a 3 or 4 when in little mode, still wears diapers and is quite mischevious
Did i forget big sister. I am sorry for i really didnt realize how diverse the roles are. For i was married for almost 5 yrs. Its been 3 yrs since my divorce started and almost 2 yrs when it was finalized. I have seriously slacked on my research and to my fellow community members (ab/dl/tb/and the rest) and this is the ones that have come out (any degree) and the ones that are eitherchoose to stay behind closed doors or havent fully come to grips with who they really are, (i have been there and just recently came to grips with who i am (still a hard pill to swallow)). But anywho i feel real bad for slacking on this community. Huggles
Well most of my stuff is closed gonna have to start new ones
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