your old toys?

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do you still have, use or play with your old toys?? many of mine are tragically gone! but i still have a few of them and I play with them a lot still. I also like to get new ones too of coarse! :)
I still have a few of mine that have been untouched for quite a few years. But I still sleep with my baby blanket.
Actually I still have my old toys, they're Legos and mega blocks and I haven't played with them in a while but I will soon :eek:
I have about 8 cubic feet of Lego in my parents' attic, along with my old Brio wooden railway, and even the Duplo I had when I was a toddler (largely because my mother borrowed that for years to keep her clients' children amused in the office). Of course, the one thing that they all have in common is that they are about as close to physically indestructible as it is possible for a toy to be.

Other than that, just a few old board games.
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I have some stuff left, board games, stuffed animals, etc. I think I might have dumped in my old Mega Bloks in with my newer Legos I got when I was 13. Some of my stuff isn't all that old, as I continued to get some things during my teens.

And of course, I still buy a few things here and there, like plushies and My Little Pony. I haven't bought any G4 toys in a while but did get a G1 Drink 'n Wet Pony off eBay recently.
I remember my favorite toys, but they were lost something in the last decade. I still have great memories of them. I'm thinking of replacing them down the road. My baby blanket is still alive with my mom, but I think it's with her dog.
My mom still has my teddy bear (was my brothers ) and we still have my lego
I have very few of my toys left due to my parents throwing them away or giving them away as I got older. I really wish that they did not throw them away especially the legos I had because I sitll played with them a lot before they gave them away.
The only one that I have left are some G.I. Joes and some of the little plastic green soldiers I have.
My mom was vicious about throwing out my toys. It seemed like every stage I went through, she would say, "You don't want those toys, do you? You're to big to play with those," and out they'd go. Later, she would just go through my room when I was at school and throw things out. One day she got rid of all my baseball cards, which included the Yankee's team with Mantle, Marris, Barra, etc.

What I do have is my American Flyer train set, and an H.O. train set. I built two of the locomotives from kits and all the cars which are made out of wood.
Oh God yes, I still have a vast majority of my childhood toys. Since I was about 8 my parents constantly asked if we can get rid of some of my toys for the sake of saving space, and even at 18 I still find myself saying "No! What if I want to play with them again!?"
Unfortunately, I have gotten rid of a bunch of them, but there are a lot I'm completely unwilling to part with, like my dinosaurs. and my Hot Wheels. And my Nerf guns, and my remote control cars, and my action figures, and my sports balls, and all 50 of my stuffed animals.... I'm not good at letting go.
No toys left. Several games are still around.

In most cases (I think), the toys were thrown out because they were damaged or enough pieces were lost to make the toy unusable and not because I 'outgrow' them. I was (and am) hard on material things. :)
I still have some of my old toys one is my Lionel trains set from my preschool age with lots of tracks and a meccano set from when I was a kid, last is my old bugs bunnies with a pull string form my tot years.
but I'm thinking of giving some of my toys to my nephews witch are only 1 year old and the other is 2 but I find it hard to get rid of my old toys.
Yup! I still have my Legos. :biggrin:
i had ertls growing up mostly the thomas range i also still have my ho trains and some o scale and most of it still runs
I still have most of my old toys, like my teddies and dolls. I will sometimes take some of them out when I feel nostalgic, especially when squeezing into a baby diaper.
That kind of says it.
Most of my toys are gone. There are a few that I threw away that I wish I didn't. But whatever, I have new toys!
Most of what I had got thrown out due to sewage floods, 3ft of it in the basement. The first time it happened I was like 8. And I think only things I lost were some of my old rubber pants that I had always wanted to wear. Ugh Why didnt I search downstairs, I always wanted to wear those again; anyways. And more floods of the same later on, stuff that I stopped playing with progressively got put downstairs, then thrown out eventually. Only stuff I have is from when I moved to the attic, all my stuff got put in the closet, this is around when I was 16-ish. I threw most of that away too.

I'm not really too sad about all my old stuff. I mean, I hated my childhood. Everyone kept saying 'It's harder when your an adult" or something of that nature. But rubbish. I say it was harder to make it out of my childhood than any thing. I've evolved a thick emotional skin by the time I was 20, before then, It was very terrible, sadness, anger etc when I was young.. It was good to get out of that period, part of it was due to my parents not knowing I had Aspergers (diagnosed at 20). And I don't really need any of my old toys to remind me of that.
But now I can get my own new toys and stuff.
I just have a stuffed manatee that I got later into my childhood. Most the rest was gotten rid of at various stages of life. That being said, I've taken it upon myself to get whole new toys of various types ^.^
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