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Whenever you see (or talk to your friend) do you have a certain type of song playing in your head that resembles them or put their faces in the music with you?

Think of it as getting closer to your friends and hoping none of your fight with one another.

I have a list because I care about my friends.

ClandestineWing - (Now you see my life)
SnowBlitz - (Radioactive)
KuroCat - (Airplanes)
DarkBabyMagician - (This love, this hate)
Tyger - (Eye of the Tyger)

I have more friends than this but I talk to these people more frequently.
I once had a very close Indian friend who whenever I saw him this song went off in my head: (Jaan Pehechaan Ho). It even got to the point where I made that song as a custom ring tone whenever he called me.

I have had a few other friends that would cause some songs to go off in my head, although unfortunately I can't remember any of them right now.
I had a very good friend when I was in college. He was a little younger, and I would take him in my car to the beach so he could surf. I had a Pontiac convertible and I'd put the top down, his board in the back. When he got his license, he bought a Honda motorcycle and called himself, Rocketman, after the Elton John song. We'd go riding all through Seaside, N. J., me holding on to him for dear life, something I didn't mind at all. Those were great times, and whenever I hear the song, Rocketman, I always think of him and wonder what he's doing.
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