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Yo whats up!!

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi all im A DL form Canada!!! A little about me, not the type of guy who just randomly post stuff to be heard i like to read and make comments on stuff i know, i feel it the best way to keep out of trouble. im a DL have been for years, not to mush into regression or anything like that just like to ware that's all. Im A huge dr who fan, Walking dead, sports, Traveling, and anything that involves computers!!! If anyone has any question shoot me a pm.


Welcome Wolfen! Many, many here are from Canada. I suspect you will have many friends here. I'm sort of a Walking Dead fan. My wife has it on while I'm looking at ADISC. :) Just so you know, you can only send and receive PMs after you have made 20 posts and been here a week. So keep on looing around the forums and make lots of posts!
Welcome to ADISC!

I too am a Dr. Who fan, starting way back with Tom Baker. Since then I have seen all episodes from Doctor one to the present. I'm looking forward to the new season in the next week or two.
Hi and welcome. Another Dr. Who fan here, though I haven't watched in a while.
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