Yo-Kai Watch

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Yo-Kai Watch is a really fun anime series and also a fun game to play, some of my favorite characters are Nate, Jibanyan,and Komasan(he's really cute). Also i liked the episode where Rockabelly was causing others to have a weird dance and Nate ended up laughing at Katie because of Rockabelly, while Katie was talking about her pet that moved on.
I've only seen 5 episodes of the show, but I had to skip a few just to see Komasan. Because (Oh my swirls) He's my favorite.

I only played the game demo though. It was a charming game. I thought it was pretty funny how the game wanted you to wait to cross the street. (I broke that rule a lot though :p)
I watched a few episodes back when the anime was first released. It was funny, but ultimately I dropped it because it felt like one of those anime that you could only enjoy a few episodes at a time.
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