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So, how exactly is a NUK 5 or whatever better than just buying a regular pacifier from the local general store for a buck-fifty? It's bigger, I get that, but is it really worth the price? I just gave my girlfriend my last pacifier as a gift and I need to buy myself a new one. Convince me a $15 paci is worth it. Or don't. I don't really care, I'm just curious >w<
I don't have a NUK 5 but I do have what is called a NUK 6, NUK doesn't make a size 6, or to my knowledge they don't. It's called that because it's the same design but a little bigger. I would say it's much more comfortable than getting one from the store because the size and shape. I have a fairly small mouth but the small paci's from the store tend to hurt a little after a while (even though some are adorable!)

You can check out ebay. This is where I got mine
There are different colors too!
But I do recommend a bigger paci like a NUK 5 or NUK 6 for the sake of comfort. I hope I helped a little bit at least and good luck :eek:
I think it depends on how often you intend to use a pacifier. If you intend to use it daily, or sleep with it, then Yes the more expensive, bigger paci's are worth it. Here's why. Smaller baby sized paci's tend to rest on your front teeth. You will have to use those teeth to hold them in place. This gets fatiguing after awhile and makes those teeth and your jaw sore. I find it not very comfortable at all.

The bigger, Nuk 5 or above paci's rest on your tongue and palate with very little pressure on your front teeth. It is much more comfortable to leave it in for hours or even overnight if you like.

Hope this helps
I've got several pacis. I've got the Nuk 5, & the unofficial Nuk 6 & Nuk 7. Just like Little2Roo says, it's going to rest in your mouth better, feel more soothing, feel comfortable, etc. I was a thunbsucker for most of my life. These larger pacis bring back those feelings. The smaller pacis don't. They aren't comfortable. You think they are, since you haven't tried one that actually fits your mouth. Just give a good fitting one a try. You'll be amazed.
the size 3s almost work for me ..... I can use them for a few hours comfortably and barely have to use my teeth - I do have a very small jaw. The mouth guard is the problem I have - it sits funny on my lips. I just got the nuk 5 and is worth the money when you can. Even for me there is a difference and it feels amazing - prefect fit!! Will I always spend the money for nuk 5? probably not - the 3s are sooooo much cheaper and I like how the nipple is a little thicker and doesn't collapse as much.
Depends on what brand and where you get them. Some places are worth the price while I have gotten some cheap ones that were not worth the price. My favorite places to go is Pacifiers R Us and I want to try ASC (Aww So Cute) next. I used to order mine on eBay but the ones on there are sort of questionable in regards to their worth.
I left baby sized an changed for something made by myself. Baby sized tets for me really deosn't work.
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