Yes, even us Adult Babies get sick sometimes...

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The last couple of days I have been feeling ill.
I went all Winter and Early Spring without becoming sick.
Anyway, I physically feel terrible.
Yes, I did have my Influenza Immunization when I was supposed to.
Been needing to clutch my teddy bear, "Howard Hug" to reassure me all night the last couple of nights.
No Mommy to comfort me.
Just have to comfort myself.
Only want to play with baby toys.
Hopefully I will not barf on my pillow or my bed later on tonight when I lie down to go to sleep.
Just want to stay little for the next few days.
But I have grown up chores/tasks to perform.
Tomorrow is "trash day".
I can not neglect that.
I hope you're better soon. It sure is a drag to be in such a condition, and all alone too.
Even little boys have to take out the trash sometimes. The cans are big and clumsy and hard to manage. Sounds like you can be little and still take it on.

Hi sorry to hear that you are a porly boy.

Get better soon,

I spent 15 hours in bed today since 2:00 AM.
I still feel terrible.
I had to postpone hauling away the trash until tomorrow morning.
Yes, I have also not felt like eating very much today.
I did go out in my handicapped-adapted car over to the Walmart for a few groceries.
I also purchased more food for my Guinea Pig, "Ernie".
Unlike me, he is not sick.
This evening I have loaded up my car with the trash.
I am also washing my blankies and my pillow.
I will note, that being on the Autism Spectrum affects my behavioral responses to being physically ill.
I am in near autistic meltdown mode these last 3 days.
I am taking 1 220mg Naproxen Sodium Tablet every 12 hours per the drug's instructions.
Anyway, I am trying very hard to be a good little boy while I am sick.
While in bed, I slept with my dolly friend, "Pam", and I played with my rain-stick rattle to help me feel safe.
No, I am not watching television.
I have needed "quiet" most of the day, because my head's pain response is a bit much for me and I am moving slower than normal with respect to my other disability, Cerebral Palsy.
Anyway, I am sitting in the unfinished Den room here at home and using my laptop computer.

Feeling sick is terrible and it totally ruins your day. When I'm sick all i do is hug my plushies and sleep.
Hope you feel better soon.
I had the terrible stomach virus last Friday night and Saturday. I was throwing up on the hour, every hour from Friday night into about 3 PM Saturday when I finally stopped. If that wasn't bad enough, I gave the virus to my wife who got just as sick three days later. It was a terrible week, but we're both better now.

I hope you make a speedy recovery. It took between two and three days for me to start feeling better. My wife is still eating soup for dinner. It just takes time I'm afraid.
There seems to be something going around all over the place.
I admit to experiencing an upset stomach too, besides coughing, occasional dry heaving, and headache.
I just checked my anti-virus program to make sure you guys don't give me your virus's. :sweatdrop:
I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is no fun.
Sorry to hear you are ill.

I hope you get better soon.
I'm going to be honest, part of me likes being sick, not as sick as your talking about but feeling bad is a great excuse to be little all day. It's hard to break into little space for an entire day but having to drink gatorade out of a sippy cup, Mrs. Grass soup for lunch and dinner and cuddled up with a blanket my boo boo bear and brownie (pound puppy) and cartoons and disney movies is the best as long as you don't think about the yucky symptoms.
It's been quite a while since I have been legitimately sick, I have stayed home from work for migraines but not sickness. Lucky for that one.
aww well here's hoping you get better soon. i dunno what's wrong but if you gave more details i'm sure people would be able to offer suggestions on what to do to get better! but at least we're hoping to share good feelings with you, it's the best we can do from here!
As I have said, I am mostly resting.
I did haul away the trash and I fed my Guinea Pig, Ernie.
Just me here at home while my younger brother is at work.
At least when I am sick, I do not complain like the way my late Mom did when she was my age.
Whenever she was sick, she always personally took it out on me.
Yes, I was her Whipping Boy.
At least it is a nice day outside.
But, I am not up to performing any more yard work.

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