Yearly diaper usage statistics

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For the last year I've been writing down what diaper I wore on particular days in my calendar. Those were just little side-notes that I can only decipher. I did it for no reason at the beginning, but now, as the year have passed, I decided to get the data together. ;) Maybe someone else kept track of their usage and wants to share? Or somebody wants to start this year? I know I'll still be going on with this.

So overall I've used 42 diapers over 40 days. I've also tried the oatmeal thingy twice. Diapers were as follows:

Super Seni Quatro Medium - 8 times
Super Seni Plus Medium - 2 times
San Seni Uni Medium - 1 time (plus 2 times as padding with other diapers)
Tena Flex Medium - 4 times
Abena Delta Form L4 - 10 times
Abena Abri Flex M2 - 9 times
Seni Trio Large - 1 time
Molicare Premium Sofr Super Plus Large - 7 times
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