Wuld like a baby noise maker(crying)

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Would like to know does someone sell a noise maker of a baby crying it would even be better if there was a random to the crying baby or settable to a timer
Well, maybe, but why not just grab some of these samples, load them into your media player, and set it to loop? Problem solved, and $0 spent. If you want to add some randomness, just make a few of your own recordings with nothing but silence in them. Then shuffle. The longer the silence files, or the more of them you create, the less crying you'll be listening to.

You'll probably need to do some tweaking to avoid insanity. As a parent, I'll admit to missing the babble, but I don't miss the crying at all. Not. One. Bit. I get a headache just thinking about it!

If you want to set something to a timer, though, there are plenty of alarm clocks out there that let you record your own alarm sound. Although if you're trying to feel like a baby, you'd probably want to record the sound of a comforting parental voice rather than crying. :)
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