Would you rather lose interest in ABDL or have ABDL become accepted by the world?


This isn't about either popularity, or honesty, Bellybag58.
I am simply asking you to follow the well published rules of our community.
You wouldn't like it if people labelled DLism a mental illness.
So don't do it to ABs.
Please remove my posts from this thread.


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Answering the original question, I would rather have it be accepted by the world, though I know some people in my life that would never accept it.


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I would love for people to accept us like we are, and not automatically think we are some kind of sick perverts that are potential child molestors that belong in a psychiatric ward, yet the society seems to accept us more and more, but there's a lot of progress to be made if we want to be able to be open about our love for diapers and be treated like a baby/toddler in public one day.


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I don't know.

I think I would swallow the pill which would make me lose all interest and forget about this. I hate being sneaky and hiding this from my wife. Some days I feel pathetic.

Most of the time I am happy and very comfortable in my Lil Monster! I like that feeling.

I wish wearing a diaper for whatever reason (AB/DL/IC/OTHER) was as normal as wearing a hat.


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This is an interesting question; I've had to think on it for awhile. In general, the idea of wanting to change your wants can get rather slippery…

I think that if it were accepted, I would probably wear a lot more than I currently do. I might have even chosen a 24/7 lifestyle, it's hard to say. In general, sexuality would have been less awkward for me, but only to a degree. And my periodic bouts of urinary incontinence would certainly cause less anxiety. Then again, I tend to have sensitive skin, and wearing all the time would probably be quite irritating. And environmental impact is a definite concern here; we would need to make diapers far more eco-friendly. Then again, we'd waste less water flushing toilets…

On the other paw, if I lost desire, that would have simplified my life in many of the same ways, by eliminating the conflict between my desires and social norms. But bouts of urinary urgency would be much more stressful for me, and I think I would be less sympathetic toward fetish or quirks in general, more inclined to dismiss "weird people". That would certainly be to my detriment. And I wouldn't have this means of de-stressing myself; perhaps something else would take its place, but who knows for certain…

When I was little, I used to imagine various cartoon characters secretly (or perhaps not so secretly, but just something tacitly accepted that is never discussed between characters) wore diapers, especially superheroes. For example, Superman could conceivably have a "perfect" diaper under his outfit, one engineered on Krypton that absolutely never leaks, never smells, maybe regenerates instead of needing to be changed, etc… ^^;; The younger version of me would see a world in which such diapers existed as kind of utopian.

All in all, I think societal acceptance would be better for me personally, given occasional continence issues and the fact that diapers provide a mechanism for stress relief I might not otherwise have, but I'm not certain what would be best for the world as a whole just yet.
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I wore because I liked it but then I had to take heart meds and water pills are one med I take lol now I have to wear or I’m in wet pants so now I wish it was ok that it’s accepted but it would be ruined by like everything else by stupid people going to far with it making it a gross thing there’s to many stupid people that don’t know the “LINE “to cross !