Would you/have you used a paci in public?

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I have been contemplating taking my paci out in public, because it helps me when I get stressed, like smokers use cigarettes, execept a paci doesn't harm your health or others unlike smoke.. Plus paci's are cute!

So, I was wondering, does anyone else use their paci or is thinking about using their paci in public?
I have wore my onsie and paci with keeper but kept covered and when ik noone was looking i popped in my mouth (while drivin)
I have a few times in the winter when I was walking home from work, no one has seen it under my scarf, especially not 22pm or later - and I usually put my scarf up to my nose, because if my nose gets cold I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer^^.

Of course you're right when you say it doesn't harm, but many would people find it really weird because 'pacis are for babies'...I don't get why people care so much about 'the kinks' (?) other peoples have.

I think I have seen something in the news about a celebrity using a pacifier in public, she wanted to quit smoking but I don't really remember why she chose the pacifier over any other thing.

For me it is not different than any other choice/kink or whatever, if people feel good the way they are/they want to be it's totally fine to me.
I have seen a little punky girl in an elevator when I was shopping with my mom, I noticed she also wears a collar with a small bell on it and I have to admit she looked a little bit like a shy kitten first and I was thinking my part, but in a good way...smiled a little bit at her and I think she has seen that I liked her appearance, because she smiled back^^.

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I do. If I feel safe. Don it on train, in shop and driving, I suck alot. Like I am a 20 a day.
Just wish Shills more socially acceptable for an adult Stocker pacifier. It is so nice and relaxing.

When I am sucking I find I can put my thoughts together who is Lee and they don't get all jumbled up.

I am careful where I do suck them because I don't want any misunderstanding.

And it might make someone else uncomfortable saying a adult sucking a pacifier so I'm just a little careful not to do it in people's faces as it were.


Thank you all :) Im going to be brave and take my paci out more because as Sabu mentioned, there are plenty of punk/alternate kids who go out dressed up randomly and many other different people with different interests so why not! Other people wear collars so what's wrong with a paci?
I say go for it! I've never been one for public displays or whatever you want to call it but I honestly don't care anymore. I'm tired of all of us having to hide. You be you! And be proud to be you! If you want your binky in public I say go right ahead! Do what makes you happy!
I've used mine while driving on the highway. Typically only in places where I'm likely to not be noticed or be in peoples faces with it. Never made a real habit of it, sometimes it would just be on a lanyard under a jacket or something. Time and a place I guess. If you have no problems answering questions I don't see why not.

I noticed a classmate at my community college had a pacifier in her jacket pocket one time. Same deal 3 classes in a row I had to ask. Normally she was well spoken and ran meetings, but I didn't think anybody could stutter like that. It was clear that she just liked using a pacifier as stress relief and nothing more. I told her 'same, mine is on my nightstand though' just to calm her down.
LittleBelle said:
Thank you all :) Im going to be brave and take my paci out more because as Sabu mentioned, there are plenty of punk/alternate kids who go out dressed up randomly and many other different people with different interests so why not! Other people wear collars so what's wrong with a paci?

Just in case - because I think you are talking about using your paci right in front of everyone

Please, be careful and don't make yourself unhappy - you might read that I did it under cover in the middle of the night and I told you guys what I think about that.

Don't expect all people to be as open minded as this community...you really need to consider a few things first (if you want to use it without cover or something):
Is your self-confidence high enough to deal with people talking about you or even snickering? (and they would do both)
What would you tell them if they ask why are you doing that? (have you just lost a bet, or would you tell them what you feel?)
Would it still be a stress relieve for you if they do?

Take me for example, I deal with some very high issues with my self-confidence - I think about what people might think about me all the time, which isn't healthy.
Using a pacifier is of course a really big deal compared to wearing diapers under your pants, it's right in peoples faces...

It would be nice to know what people who are not into ABDLs would think when they see someone with a pacifier in the mall or in the bakery.

Wearing a collar is way different, people usually don't think about pets right away, but they will asociate a pacifier with babies/toddlers and will find it really odd.
I wore a dog's collar a few year's ago too, but as mentioned I have not enough self-confidence to deal with all the talking and snickering of others, there will be always people who could make you really upset, even if the majority in the example of the collar don't really cared.

It really depends on yourself and personality - so no one can or should say 'just do it'.

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I did it. But... It works only in winter.

im very open about who i am, but i still don't openly suck on my pasi in public. yes there has been more than once i have popped in just for a short just to calm myself. just knowing it in my jumper pocket that i can touch it helps. but i don't need the negative of others in my life. now around my house it's in my mouth or in my pocket all the time which has caused a few embarrassing moments when i have forgot it's in my mouth and gone outside. thankfully my neighbor are ok with me being me.
I do, i keep the largest size from the baby isle and keep it on a necklace with a rainbow variety of monster tabs, a few charms and a dog tag! definitely hides it and people thinks its cool. Calms my Anxiety!
I don't know if this counts but I did go out and I totally forgot that I was sucking on my paci one time. I did catch myself doing it and I pulled it out before anybody saw me though. But as for intentionally using it in public I would have to that I would not do it.
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//anyway tho no one mentioned the problem of paci's being associated with some drugs now days.
i have once. just on a food run i went out with my paci driving to the store and back. took it out in between driving. i don't actually think a paci helps me with stress it's more just to get me into little space
I've done it. Like carrying a Teddy Bear or whatever, it's abberant but not something most are going to get worked up with.

They may mistake you for a drug-addled rager however.
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