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So today my Mother was out and since im still recovoring from surgery i decided to cheer myself up by having a little fun in diapers.

ive been enjoying wearing 24/7 and since I no longer have an excuse to wet since im no longer bed ridden, i decided to do so while she was out. i decided to wear a diaper that i had worn for awhile, this was an iD slip. my little brother wore these on long car journeys but not to bed and i just discovered why.

i have worn these pull ups in the past when other diapers were scarce and im sure ive wet and messed them. what i had never done though was do anything over a small wet and small mess and changed 15 minutes later

today i spent an hour in my dry pull up even though i needed to pee real bad. when i finally went i made sure to stand up and do it slow so i didnt flood it as i knew it was very heavy duty, yet half way through my pee it starts dribbling down my leg, and i have to stop mid stream and make my way to the rest room to continue peeing.

all in all its an ugly diaper; it looks horrible with it being all white and having really ugly sides, it can barely hold anything even though the packaging stated something like "light-moderate" , and the quality of the diaper is comparable to the kind you would see in a cheap care home

positives: its easily hideable under clothes so if you want to wear in public without wetting then be my guest

so what is everyone elses least favourite diaper and why? :sweatdrop:
Any cloth-like I would say are my least favorite. I can leak through cloth-like so easily and I hate the wet clammy feeling.
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I'd have to say the worst pull up diaper I've tried are the newer male goodnites. They hold almost nothing. Thgirls goodnites seem to hold much more.
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