Wore nothing but a diaper to sleep last night. Interesting.

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Hi all,

Wore just a diaper to sleep last night. All of the previous time I wore, going back years and years, I would wear a sleeper over it, but last night it was too hot to wear my footies and I took them off and stuck with just a diaper. It was interesting as even without a diaper I always sleep in a shirt, which I don't wear under my sleeper, so I was much more in tune with the flannel of the sheets then I normally would be. I like it. :)

Sleeping in a diaper is so much fun (or nothing) :D

I keep my clothes next to me, on a bookshelf which is 12" from the side of the bed, in case of emergency, fire, medical, etc. Would be a horrible way to get found out.

You should do it more often, get used to those flannel sheets, which I have as well. Mine are quite thick.
FluffyMastiff said:
Sleeping in a diaper is so much fun (or nothing) :D

I'd take the diaper; nude sleeping is not for me.

The closest I've done is the old t-shirt and diaper combo. I haven't tried just a diaper yet.
i sleep in just a diaper for 20 years every summer and sometimes in fall

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i sleep in just a diaper for 20 years every summer and sometimes in fall
I sleep in just a diaper every night

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I tend to sleep in a diaper/t-shirt combo.

I often make little internal challenges to see how long I can go with my diaper "exposed", meaning not covered up by pants or housecoat or what have you.
Just a diaper for me for the last 15 years. Wouldn't have it any other way
Im gonna do tonight sounds great huggles
:detective3Ahh.. The excitement of wearing diapers to bed. I remember when this was something so fascinating that when I tried it I couldn't even fall asleep. It was so exciting and such a powerful feeling of truly being my little self. What an amazing experience to actually do that.

For years this remained such an amazing thrill and I found it hard to sleep because of the excitement that I experienced.

Well, for over a month know I have been wearing diapers at night and pull ups during the day, and while it still is an amazing thing and I love doing it, I no longer find myself not being able to fall asleep, but rather it is an awesome feeling of being who I am inside and I sleep so much better now being diapered. Wearing pull ups to work and wearever I go in the day is also very gratifying, but I find that I am not thinking about wearing the diaper during a lot of the daily activities. It has become a natural part of who I am and I find myself throughout the day remembering that I am wearing, but instead of being focused on it 24/7, I go about my day and more from time to time throughout the day have the feelings of satisfaction that I am wearing, but it isn't at the forefront of my mind at all times.

Don't get me wrong, it in no way has become just mundane or common, but because I have made this commitment and decision and always am wearing, I find it is easy to just go about my daily activities without becoming overly obsessed with the fact I am wearing a diaper. I am able to enjoy and do all of the other things I love to do, horseback riding, ranching, bicycle riding, mountain climbing, working out at the gym, etc.. But I still get the gratification that I am being that little person that I truly am inside.

I find it hard to sleep in anything more than boxers or a diaper. I can't stand having any kind of shirt in when I sleep. I enjoy sleeping nude and did all through college, but my wife isn't as keen on that so I haven't in a long time.

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I often wear just a nappy to bed, sometimes wear a top to clip my pacifier to it
For a while every time I wore I would take it off before going to sleep. But now if it's still dry I'll wear it to sleep, then maybe wet it if I wake up in the middle of the night. I certainly like waking in up in just a diaper :)
Back when I could actually get diapers, I used to sleep in them with my long night shirt (went to my knees). I did this on nights even when my parents and sisters were home. I guess I just felt so safe. Sadly, since I haven't been padded for around two months, I have been experiencing nightmares and night terrors.
Sleeping in just a shirt and a diaper or just a diaper is really comfortable and it makes perfect match for when is hot on summer, specially for me that is almost starting. I haven't wore a diaper since like the first week of april and I truly miss sleeping in them. I have been so so busy that i haven't have time to do it, but i hope to do it soon and get back on that awesome comfort zone.
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