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Woo Hoo! also a note for avery and alchemy

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I'm glad to see this back and it has a cool spell checker to! from the temp board i just wanted to reply and thank Avery for understanding what i was saying.

to silent alchemy.
"now if i may be so kind to as how exactly do you GET Uti's"
your first question will take to long to answer. it might help if you Google uti causes and read. and if you can wet while sleeping and not wake up you have a rare ability or maybe already a weak bladder.
"and to Tbcris again as spoken by Avery, "
i don't understand this part. sorry.
"i didn't know that theres a uti that could kill you"
the infection that i said was called sepsis. and a uti that gets in the blood can cause it yes but not only utis.
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