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Wocka Wocka Hello!

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Hey everybody! I'm miss prissy poo! I'm a carer for a lovely lady that likes to regress.

I love gardening!
This is the first cherry tomato of the season. I thought this particular plant was going to wither so I left it alone and then it just kept growing.

I'm also a huge audiophile- so if you have a catchy song you want to share with me, that would be awesome! I particularly love anything upbeat and songs that use different tempos.
I get frisson quite often when listening to music. (It's a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; such as a thrill. Like when a particular story gives you goosebumps and a shiver.) This is one song that gives me frisson: https://www.youtube.com/embed/4odvTKSKiT8

I joined adisc in order to get a better feel for the adult diaper community and learn how to be the best carer to my little girl. I'd love any tidbits of advice you have for me.

I'm glad to be here.
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Hello Miss Prissy Poo and welcome to the group.

This is a very nice introduction.

I to enjoy gardening. I just finished canning my third picking of tomatoes last night, and plan to dig potatoes this afternoon.

I am sure you can find a lot of information about being a care giver here.

Again welcome to the group.

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