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Without Further Ado...

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Matrix Blade

Wahoooooooooooooooooo! I'm back :rockon: yeah

Well, its good to be back. I would have been back when I promised. However, things other than baseball got in my way and I was forced to delay my return. I've changed a little lately though. I've been going to church regularly and I'm enjoying it.

But I still enjoy it here. I haven't got to right anymore on my story, but the closer it gets to summer, the more I'll type. I've come up with ideas for other stories though.

Okay, I said I'd give a more formal intro than my other times so here goes:

I'm a a 15 year old kid who lives in Texas. I live in the country, but I want to live in the city. I like football, baseball, video games, and other stuff. I'm 5'11 and kind slow(speed, not brain)

Whew, well, its good to be back

(ah I messed up the title. Oh well)
Not open for further replies.