wisdom tooth pain

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ok so i have had 2 wisdom teeth come through with a lot of pain and now it seems i have another one comming through at the back on the right side of my mouth,

how many times do people tend to have wisdom teeth pain ? and how many times do they have wisdom teeth comming through ?

last thing whats the best way to deal with the pain other than simple paracetamel tablets, like stronger stuff ?
There should be 4 wisdom teeth.

Yes it hurts why do you think babies are so miserable, therefore the parents when they go through teething.

I have no idea other then aspirin or Tylenol to numb the pain.

I'm sorry you're going through this. The bad news is that usually they have to be pulled, and they are very large teeth. Both my wife and I had ours pulled many years ago. I did very well, but she swelled up and had some pain. In fact, it's how we started dating. I went over to her place a day after they were extracted, and made her a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. This is the way to win a woman's heart, apparently. Who knew?
The Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third molars or last wisdom teeth grew at the end of the teen years or early twenties. The growth of these wisdom teeth often cause problems, one of which is a sense of great pain. These symptoms usually occur when they are no more space left in the gums that can be occupied wisdom teeth. At age is fairly mature, all 28 human teeth meet the gums have been lined up. Wisdom teeth will be squeezed, appears in part, or grow at the corner of the gums.

In addition to pain or tenderness, wisdom teeth that grow imperfect can also lead to accumulation of plaque derived from bacteria or food is tucked away on the sides of wisdom teeth. If left unchecked, this plaque accumulation over time could potentially lead to the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, pericoronitis (infection of the soft tissue around the teeth), dental abscesses, and cellulitis (an infection that attacks the lining of the throat, tongue, and cheeks). In addition, although rare, the risk of plaque accumulation causes cysts on the gums and even tumors.

Therefore, before all the bad risks occur, you should consult your doctor if the growth of wisdom teeth cause pain. This is so that the doctor can decide whether or not to revoke the wisdom teeth.

Side effects and complications of wisdom teeth
Patients took two weeks after the revocation of the wisdom teeth to recover fully. During the recovery process, usually the patient will feel some side effects such as pain, numbness or tingling sensation on the tongue, lips and face, skin around the jaw looked bruised and stiff jaw. Other side effects are swelling of the cheeks and face.

Revocation procedures wisdom teeth also create risk of complications such as bleeding, infection, nerve injury, and blood clotting disorders in the tooth socket. Although rare complication of this kind.

Care independently after the revocation of wisdom teeth
The treatment is done at home aims to reduce postoperative pain and speed recovery. There are several steps that we can do, among which are taking painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol, avoid smoking and drinking, and avoid strenuous activity for a few days.

In addition, you should also avoid hot drinks, gargling, or do anything that may interfere with blood clotting process in the tooth socket. Gargling with a new antiseptic should be done after one day postoperatively. To reduce pain and inflammation, you can gargle with warm water mixed with one teaspoon of salt.

For the time being, avoid solid foods and choose soft foods. Use part of healthy teeth to chew. Activity usually normal brushing can only be done after a few days.

In order to sleep at night you are comfortable during the healing period, topanglah your head with an extra pillow.

If you are prescribed medication or antibiotics by doctors, spend the appropriate rules of use of the drug. Do not forget to go to the doctor at the time determined. This is so that the doctor can see the progress of your condition or perform release stitches.

may this help you
I feel your pain.

I've had one coming in for about a year now but it's the only one so far.
My mouth is rather small and it's growing in right at the end of my jaw stabbing me if I so dare to open my mouth more than an inch and a half.

The more you pick at it the worse it gets. I suggest orajel severe toothache numbing gel.

I've also heard a slice of onion or salt water helps with pain but I haven't had success with either.

I need the hard stuff ;-;
Give me orajel.
egor said:
There should be 4 wisdom teeth.

There may not actually be four. It's fairly common for people to be missing a couple.
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