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So I have tried a few different brands of wipes and creams to see which ones I prefer but what I mainly use are Reynard incontinence wipes and a dimethicone cream (or 3M Cavillon). I haven't used powder yet.

I was wondering what types of wipes and creams (and powders) people use regularly and also what they have tried.
I usually use J&J baby powder, because of its smell, it's wonderfull.. I tried Sudocream, it's good against rash, or dark blue Nivea. Creams make exciting surface on my skin.
This girl like her J&J baby powder, Johnson 24hrs Softlotion and North Shore quilted wipes.
Johnson 24hrs Softlotion make my skin so super soft ! LUV the smell of the Regular & Lavender Baby Powder !!! When that Dreaded Diaper Rash happens I use Lamisil Athlete Foot Cream , yes it for Athlete foot fungus but it really work wonders !!
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I really like Desitin diaper rash cream.
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For wipes I use Cheeky Wipes reusable wet wipes mostly, Though I have been making my own as well with bamboo towelling scraps from my sewing, these get soaked in my own solution.

I boil filtered water and allow it to cool slightly (the heat helps other ingredients break down and mix and also seems to last longer before smelling stale) in which I dissolve some coconut oil, a couple drops of tea tree and lemon essential oils, and a dribble non soap based bodywash which has a few other oils in it (I like the smell and it is moisturising, soothes itchiness and seems to help combine it all though this may not be accurate).

I do occasionally use Pampers sensitive when out if I don't want to carry reusables around with me.

Creams: I use Bepanthen barrier cream, not all the time but when I feel I might be needing it or if I know I might be in a wet nappy for a long time or if I know I'm going to mess. Sudocream for healing any smaller rashes that may crop up and Metanium if a rash gets real bad.

And for Powder I use Cuticura mildly medicated powder as I found J&J tends to dry my skin out a lot and this one doesn't.
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Parents Choice wipes and Desitine when needed and baby powder for every diapering. Love the smell of baby powder.
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