Winter Camping in Diapers


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I have been out winter camping last weekend.
Friday night we dropped to -8F / -22C and Saturday night it was a balmy -0.5F / -18C.
This was tent camping, so every noise you hear inside the tent, you can hear
outside of the tent.
I was contemplating if I even wanted to put on a diaper before bed due to the
noise when unfolding it etc not being muffled by any walls unlike in a camper.
Same in the morning when taking the diaper off and undoing the tape tabs.

But then I realized something. Every material that I have inside my tent,
such as sleeping bag etc. makes swooshing noises similar to those
a plastic-backed diaper makes (I wear BetterDry to bed).
So I figured "Screw it!" and put one on.
What a godsend that was.

I was all cozied up in my below 0 sleeping bag and did not have to get up
to go outside and use the bathroom.
Taking the diaper off in the morning was equally uneventful.
I just didn't worry about it.
I figured "Who's gonna associate the noise the tapes make with diaper tape tabs?"
That's right. Nobody.

So there's my account on first hand experience with winter tent camping in diapers.
Will definitely tent camp again using diapers at night.
Especially when the neighbors aren't directly next to me ;)
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I assume at first you were warmer, after a few hours did the wet diaper make you colder in those conditions?
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BRRRrrrr Thats not for me !!!!
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SparkyDog said:
I assume at first you were warmer, after a few hours did the wet diaper make you colder in those conditions?
No, not at all.
I stoked the fire pretty good before bedtime and then I fired the
stove back up in the morning before getting out.
My sleeping bag holds the body heat really well and it wasn't a problem at all.
I wouldn't have wanted to get caught outside with a wet diaper though.
That would've gotten frigid really quickly, I'm sure.
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Nice! I am a camper and in a few groups where people share their winter camping stories and photos. One thing I don't know is... how do they poop? The parks have closed the washrooms for the winter, no running water, and you cant poop on the camp site. Porta Potty?

When it's that cold I think it's wise for anyone to wear a diaper to bed rather than have to get out of your sleeping bag (lose the heat), get dressed, go outside, then get back into your now cold sleeping bag. People need to get over the stigma associated with diapers, I actually think diapers when tent camping in the winter is a better option than getting out of bed and losing all your heat and also getting cold.
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In our case the vault toilets are always open since there is no running water that could be an issue when it freezes.

But yes, wearing diapers at those temperatures can be very practical.
The sleeping bag is not necessarily cold after you come back though.
It all depends on what else you have to brave the cold. I have body warmers
that I stick to myself.
I could just as easily boil some water, put it in a nalgene bottle and throw it
in my sleeping bag.
But that's all extra effort that you can avoid when simply wearing a diaper :)
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I've slept alone in a fairly large tent in a public area, and it was a bit unnerving and thrilling at the same time to be able to walk around inside my tent in nothing but socks and a (soaked) diaper, with people chatting and walking by just a few feet away. But the good news there is it was easy to change later when I needed to, I didn't have to hunt down a private rest room or worry about people seeing me carrying changing supplies to the bathroom. It was my own totally private changing room :)
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What a fun experience. I enjoy camping myself. I am planning an overnight or two for myself this summer, so I can wear diapers all day and night. I can't wait to experience being outside camping in a diaper.
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Went elk hunting and camped near 9500 ft. Temp was down around 20f it was cold couldn't wear due to camping in the same tent as my brother in law. How ever it would have been nice to have been able too, had to step out of the tent around two in the morning to relieve myself. Doing that and not being use to high altitude almost resulted in be becoming bear bait due to getting really light headed and almost passing out. You are absolutely right about hearing everything, inside the tent and outside the tent. I didn't hear it, but my bil asked me if I heard something big walk by our tent, I told him no it must have happened when I was getting one of my very few minutes of sleep. He laughed and said that it had him freaked out and reaching for his sidekick.
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