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(I swear this is 100% true! There is a long back story about how my wife and I got to this point, but she willingly caters to my baby side on special occasions and also keeps me diapered at home at certain times she chooses.) As a special treat, my wife took us to a hotel for a 3 day-2 night baby retreat. (We have kids at home so this is impossible normally.) She took our kids to stay with some friends and surprised me when I got home. She was all packed ! She drove us to a hotel, and I had no idea what was going on until we got to the hotel room and there was a crib inside. Not a cheap hotel crib, but a nice wooden one with a soft mattress and Minnie Mouse bedding (I'm a sissy baby). I had, honestly, been expecting a romantic weekend! When I saw the crib, she said, "This isn't what you were expecting." We put all our bags down, and she immediately said, "ok, baby, let's get you undressed." I already had a diaper on. She put in my pacifier and tied it around my head with a ribbon, leaving me in a diaper and tshirt. She put me in the crib until she got everything unpacked. I had never slept in a real crib before, and I was worried it wouldn't hold me. But it didn't move or make a sound as she helped me climb in. I fit great -- just had to keep my knees bent, but I was very comfy all curled up. I stayed 100% baby (except to shave the next morning) for the next 43 hours.

To be continued . . .
that need, sound like your wife had a good time to. :smile:
Sound wonderfull.

You are a lucky boy. :)
kinda like my friend yesterday... she came out as LG ... i'm a very happy camper
Story continued . . .
After she got all unpacked, my wife/mommy (just mommy from here on) got me out of the crib and put me in a pretty sun dress that was black and white damask with pink ruffles and matching ruffled panties. (Also a matching head band bow). She also put a pair of cute ruffled socks on me. She put a blanket on the floor and gave me a dolly to play with along with a few other toys. After some play time by myself, she said it was time to play dress up. She undressed me and shocked me with a complete Alice in Wonderland outfit, including white tights, a wig and a pair of shoes. She then gave me a coloring book and a new box of crayons. I colored for a while, and mommy gave me some snacks (Gerber crunchy things) and apple juice in a box.
To be contd. . .
That sounds awesome and boy are you lucky.
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