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My loving wife knows of my diaper fetish and has no problems with it. I often wear in front of her etc. But at times I still have this embarrassment feeling when diapering myself when we are in the same room.
Anyone else experience this?
I have the same feeling with my partner....I know it's weird huh! when I'm diapered...no problem, but diapering up :blushie:
For me I think it's the mindset, well because I'm regressive, I have to be in adult mode diapering myself, which means I'm more aware of the awkwardness of the situation and I get self conscious, even though I'm sure it doesn't bother her.
Ya .. I would get the same way actually too. But not while diapered unless I was wet or something with the diaper being exposed to see that.
How long has she known? My wife just found out weeks ago and took it well, surprisingly well. Even with her acceptance I found awkwardness creeping in whenever it wanted to. Repetitiveness helped with that.
Great question and YES! My wife has known about me wearing diapers since we were dating, seriously why do people wait so long to reveal this to a partner? We have been married for almost 9 years, she will occasionally wear a diaper for me, have sex while she is diapered and have "special" lovin' (we are both diapered 69 style). After all of that I still want the closet door closed while I diaper myself for some unknown reason. She would probably be completely comfortable carrying on a conversation while I strap myself in. I think she has even questioned why I close the door or can't tape up infront of her... I don't know why I can't!
As much as I wear diapers to bed, I haven't diapered myself in front of my wife. I keep my stuff in a spare bedroom and put my diapers on there.
Exact same here. Wife is totally ok with it but I am super awkward about doing it in front of her. I have not yet. I am even careful to be quiet when doing it but once I am in, its game on. The sad part is that is where it ends. She wont wear for me and the most "play" I get is a minute or 2 of rubbing on the front of my diaper before she asks repeatedly to take it off so we can play. She even had a hard time undoing the tapes but shes slowly getting there. Maybe for Christmas I'll get the gift of her wearing or changing me? lol
Hey rescue just remember how awkward you were when you undid your first bra, soon she will be able to untape you in her sleep.
Tetra said:
Hey rescue just remember how awkward you were when you undid your first bra, soon she will be able to untape you in her sleep.

if she starts sleep-changing your diaper, she's definitely a keeper!
My wife knows, but I dont make a habit of doing diaper related things in front of her. I will go to bed diapered sometimes, or go out wearing a diaper........ but she has never seen me naked with a diaper on.

I figured if she was into diapers... she would have already been into them by the time we met and that its not something you can teach somebody. Your either into them or not. She isn't... but she accepts that I am. No reason to go beyond that.
My wife has know for years. I have the same reactions as most of you. Just that awkward feeling when diapering myself in front of her
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