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Once in a while my wife, who is not abdl, will make me the happiest man in the world. She’s been happy with xl goodnites for a while, preferring them over tabbed diapers, but the other night she commented about how they’re not the most comfortable to sit on, like the padding is not wide enough in the back. The waist size is fine it’s just the seat. Is there a product similar to goodnites that has a little bit wider padding section and is more comfortable to sit on? Doesn’t need to have super absorbency. Just a wider pull-up with otherwise similar fit. Other adult pull-ups I’ve tried in the past personally seem to fit terrible with the ridiculous tall stretchy poofy top that looks and feels terrible.
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She might like the Depend silhouette. That is easily the most comfortable padding for non ABDLs.
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^ I love these actually. They’re low-rise pull-ups and don’t ride up like granny pants. These are the unisex version.they’ve got a 500ml capacity but can be freely and reliably used, great design with standing leak guards.

^ this is the female version of the above unisex design. I haven’t tried it (because I’m a guy). But I’m so happy with the unisex version that I think the female specific one is worth trying.

I know these products say “overnight” but that just means a bit more pad coverage and a bit more sap. They’re still day pull-ups imo, I’d never fathom them capable of handling night time needs.
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Always Discreet are really nice. Good for anyone.
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lucky duck,
rearz brand has some pullups available off their site called felicity, they are pink and kinda cute
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